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    Welcome to MiraiSalam's Name Trading!

    Here at MiraiSalam we have an extensive inventory of names and are always looking to expand. if you have a name of value that you would like to sell, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Disclaimer: Before contacting us, make sure to read this:
    How To Tell if your Name is Rare or Not + Name Market Tips/FAQ​

    See the spoiler for names that we currently have for sale

    Be**ie - A seamed cap, think hat.

    A/W: 100m 07

    Dra*n - After taking a bath, you open the... Water goes down the...

    C/O: 60m 07
    A/W:125m 07

    Bur***cracy - a system of government.

    A/W:75m 07

    Fold**- Very common school supply, for storing papers.

    C/O: 70m 07
    A/W:150m 07

    Comp**** - a person who writes music. Drake is a very famous music...

    A/W:100m 07

    Beth**ie - Female name.

    A/W: 60m 07

    Turqu**** - Color

    A/W: 125m 07

    Bas*lisk - Slayer monster that requires a Slayer level of 40 to kill. Mythical creature.

    A/W: 100m 07

    Extremely Rare Names

    Wea*p*n - Thing used to intend damage.

    C/O: 1b RS3
    A/W: 300m 07 / 2b RS3

    R*3 - Runescape.

    A/W: 325m 07

    ***** - Animal name.

    A/W: 450m 07

    ** - Two digits.

    A/W: 425m 07

    Skype: Live:MiraiSalam

    https://discord.gg/N2R2324 (Or click above).

    Terms and conditions
    - We only accept RS3 & 07 gold/BTC/ETH
    - You're buying the account with the RSN.
    - We are not responsible if the RSN gets sniped upon you moving it.
    - If you would like, we can assist you in moving the RSN to the desired account for an additional fee.

    Sold names:

    Aban**n - 100m 07
    B* - 440m 07
    E**ven - 75m 07
    Anxi**s - 50m 07
    E**st - 80m 07

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