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    The Process

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    Putting out a feeler to see what I can get with this as these are easy for me to mass produce and that I use them weekly myself. So I'm not guaranteeing I will do this forever or at all if I cant find buyers, but lets see! Welcome to my 37/66 magic shop 


    • Accounts will be made 1-2 per single proxy and on accounts aged 1 week. no exceptions.
    • Accounts can be made and finished same day or up to 3 days (66 magic). (buyers choice) either is safe. (All lvl 37 will be finished same day and delivered next however)
    • Accounts will rest over night (24 hrs until delivery)
    • locked accounts can be refunded if the proof is that its my fault. (which wont happen. just saying)
    • BANNED ACCOUNTS: You have 30 minutes after delivery to report it to me. they will be refunded immediately, (so we can prove it was my fault. anything longer than that could and is a gray area for buyers fault)
    • Accounts can be customized with active bonds on delivery date (+3.35M or $3.35 per act) Flatrate.
    • Orbers can be customized with 24hp as well for an extra 500K or .50 cents each.
    • Price per orber: TO BE DISCUSSED PRIVATELY. (can depend on the above, quantity, speed, returning customer...etc)
    • Price per wine grabber: *See above*

    Please feel free to PM me


    PS: DO NOT LOW BALL ME. I know I might be newish to these forums, but I am well aware of the botting community and prices of the black market for accounts gold etc.


    payment with bitcoin is fine.

    payment with paypal: only with 20+ feedback, and youre trustworthy

    • My rates: 1$=1M

    *Skype will be given out to serious customers only

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    No one ever does business where they give you a product before you pay. that's assbackwards. that's just real life. anyways, if you know any better, throwaway accounts have no email linked, so password change is impossible. if people don't want to use a middle man, pay 1 at a time then. it honestly doesn't matter. you either want them or you don't. im fine either way. I use them myself when I make them as well. Its just a tester to see if anyone would want them.

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