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    Hello friends,


    I am trying to get the nearest object to another object, not CurrentLocalPlayerLocation.


    Example: Nearest Table -> Ladder -> Door!


    You must assume that there are multiple objects of tables and ladders in a distance range of 1-55 randomly BUT 1 Single DOOR


    And that I am trying to map the distance from the Door -> (Nearest Ladder to Door) -> (Nearest Table to That Ladder) -> We will walk to that table


    so the idea is..


    To walk to the nearest table -> walk to the nearest ladder to that table -> walk to the nearest door and only door to the table!





    I am doing this for a project that i will share later :D

    I am trying to map a region in runescape!





    Generally if Pandemic shares the code for .Closest() in game objects, it will answer my question :D

    Okay i figured out another way to do it.. not a good enough method. 


    But here is so far my progress with my Barrows Bot :D





    Orange = Chest

    Green = Double Doors infront of the chest

    Yellow = us the current player location




    Soon i will map the entire area

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    I am also working on one, everything is working but I still have a lot of work to do on the maze. It is going to be the death of me lol.


    I am using a recursive method capable of backtracking to solve the maze, there may be a better way, but it seems to be the simplest, and is more human-like than just taking the correct path 100% of the time.


    I'm not sure I follow your question, but you can use the location of another game object relative to the one your looking for to find it  (so long as neither is null) with a distance modifier in the filter. I did a similar thing in my script  :)

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