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  • Purchased TWO of the same script (#1 NMZ) by accident - Refund Request


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    1. Script purchased:  #1 NMZ x2

    2. Date of purchase: 6/7/2017

    3. Detailed description of problem: Accidentally purchased the same #1 NMZ script multiple times during the delay between paying for the script and getting the receipt & product (I thought it was a problem on my end). But now I have 2 purchased/paid copies for the #1 NMZ script and I only want to keep one.

    ​4. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): Was advised by them to send a refund request :D  - Attached

    5. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video):

    6. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / Script swap (from same scripter): Refund one of the two #1 NMZ scripts I ended up being charged with


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    In fact, upon reviewing PayPal (roughly 9 hours after their manual authorization) : I was charged THREE times for the #1 NMZ script.......Last night I didn't even receive the script the first time until 3 hours after ordering and upon retrying and an investigation on why - I found out the consumer's orders (my order) are placed in queue and await manual authorization; at this point I had 3 orders for the same #1 NMZ script all in queue. Upon which, I immediately filed a support ticket detailing my problem, and asking for help once they were available to manually change it. However, when I checked my PayPal and my Client Area today (12 hours after the order and 9 hours after the timestamp on receiving the script), I still received 2 #1 NMZ scripts instead of just 1, and  was charged for 3 of the #1 NMZ script. Not only is there a delay for receiving scripts once completing an order online via the manual authorization queue, but there is no interface/way for the user to interact with or cancel an order even though it's in queue (state of: yet to be charged or manually authorized), and lastly even though I filed a ticket and updated it in detail what happened, what problem I had, and explicitly what my original desired outcome was - the only action that I got was that I only received 2 duplicate scripts instead of 3 but not a single refund/3 was given, and even though they manually had to authorize my order - I don't know if they read my tickets I attached, let alone reply to me.


    Ok, sorry for the irritated tone from the message - but yeah still awaiting the refunds; closed my disputes on PayPal and decide to just wait for a resolution and reply using the forums only

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