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  • |TRUSTED| → |6.2M Halos| ← Dragonite3000 | Castle Wars Service.™


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    Halo - 6.2M  


    Magic hat - 2.8M - 1.4M After update

    Magic robe top - 5.8M - 2.8M After update)  

    Magic robe legs - 4.2M - 2.1M After update)



    Range quiver - 2.8M 

    Range top - 5.6M  - 2.8M After update)  

    Range bottom - 4.2M - 2.1M After update)



    I Earn a minimum of 6 tickets per hour 

    My Goal is to get a minimum of 80 tickets per day or more as a halo takes countless hours ; although I do try to get 90-100 tickets in one sitting (Per Day)


    My Goal Is to make sure

    you have a halo within 12 hours.





    My Vouches below can be linked and confirmed offsite.








    2. You may not cancel this order once I have begun.


    3. You will not log into the account at anytime unless I am aware and okay with it or there is something you've forgotten which shouldn't be the case because you will be sent another copy of this T.O.S before i continue on with your order.


    4. If your account is disabled during or after this service I am not responsible. (this is to cover myself for users that have botted previously)


    5. You must change your password after the service.


    6. you will leave feedback after this service is done.


    7. you will not change your password during this service or your order can and will be revoked.


    8. you will receive one progress picture or be notified of how many tickets I have obtained for the day ; I will not be sending them constantly every 3 hours like I have had to do in the past.


    9. if this service is revoked because of your wrong doing you will not be refunded.





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