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Found 7 results

  1. hello there, if there is anyone who has a dice/gamble script can i get it? the one thats has the following commands: !roll !dd !fp or any link will help me alot! i want start own dicing cc once i have the script so need help any..
  2. Please pm me or reply if you can help me get a dicing bot for OSRS. I have a little bit of experience using runemate, but 0 experience using dream bot or any dicing bots. Thanks in advance.
  3. Accepts trades, rolls(with timer) pays when win, says in cc like 1mill paid congrats! (when the better wins ofc), when there are no bets for like 1minute it starts adv in cc like: open for bets min 100k max 250m, i can set the min amount the bot accepts, the bot declines if the bet is under the min bet, and ofcourse it has to be rigged that host has more win rate.(i can edit the win % option) Payment methode: Rs07 gp Discord: ekremcokicer#6539
  4. This is a warning to anyone preparing to operate a dicing bot for PROFIT. Firstly Jagex most likely see's this sort of activity as a top priority especially when you're publicly advertising it in popular worlds & areas, secondly if you are banned regardless of how much you had. You shouldn't be allowed a refund on the basis you were banned and lost money, scripters shouldn't allow this. It's like starting out botting if you are new to a method you don't invest $$ you can't afford right off the bat then blame the script author. You'll take it slowly to understand the method etc etc, same for dicing you should start low something like 20cents worth of coins so you can get a feel and understand how to profit before you loose money that you actually care about. YES dicing may be very good profits if you get lucky and understand it but that doesn't beat finding a nice p2p/f2p method and suiciding that every weekend. If you're new to botting take it slow for couple months and get comfortable in the do's & dont's and just do trial & error. inb4/ Refunds for dicing scripts should'nt be permitted if customer loses gold & that dicing is high risk high reward.
  5. Banker

    Private Dice Bot

    Hey, so im fairly new to making my own bot scripts. I am wanting to create my own dice/games bot where if i for example send "!dice" or "!roll" in a clan chat, the bot will send "<Username> Rolled <Random Num (1-100)>" to the clan chat. If someone could show me either snippets of essential pieces of code, or tell me what i will actually need to use to send the messages and detect the command etc it would be appreciated. from what i have seen i believe I would have to use getKeyboard().type() to send a message to the chatbox but i am lost as to where to detect the command etc. Thanks.
  6. Demonicrage67 my skype Hello Guys, My name is alex and since one week I am looking for a 'Dice roller bot'. Right now I am searching and searching but I can't find any thing :s. I hope that you guys could help me out! It's for runescape 2007 world 2. a bot for in my Friend chat on runescape 2007 that if i say !roll: "!roll" will roll a 100 faced dice and say the result in green if 58 or over and in red if 57 and less. !dd rolling a 1-12 dice ! flower mabey if u can Here is what i want it to do : -Randomly give a number between 1 and 100 when someone type !roll -Make the bot be able to say: (Name of the roller) rolled a (random number), better (win/lose) -Be able to easily set/edit the number that wins. (55x2/58x2/60x2...) -Option to make a certain number a tie. Example : (Name of the roller) rolled a (random number), better need to choose refund or reroll -Only allow certain people to use the !roll command (either people 1 banana+ ranked in fc or if its too hard, by adding the exact name of the people i want to allow use the !roll command This bot includes a unique command where players can type: !Roll and the bot will respond with: You rolled a <Number> on a 100 sided percentile dice, You <Win / Lose> With this reply two types of gambling games can come out of this, Obviously your average dicing games (odd / Even, Etc..) Or Win or Lose I hope this was clear, pm me if interested ! Here is also a script that i found what is the same as I want! Demonicrage67 my skype if u can please
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