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Found 3 results

  1. Video is outdated, new one coming soon tm Features: Completes tutorial island quicker than any of its competitors (average time is between 7 & 8 minutes). GUI to select options Supports quickstart Choose what to do after the account has completed tutorial island Randomised character appearance. Creates new accounts using 2Captcha/Anti Captcha service. You are not forced to create accounts, you can simply run the script to run through tutorial island on an already made account. Human-like Names. Static passwords/randomly generated passwords. Carries on after locks/bans. Supports rotating proxies. Waiting until IP changes to make next account. Script controller mode (BETA) - new cache for every account made by launching new instance of client (using quickstart) for every account. Stops when out of Captcha credit. Flawless Paint Instructions/Requirements: This script is highly complex! If something is not working for you, the issue is most likely due to your settings. If you are having trouble, contact me so I can help you solve them! If you want to only complete the tutorial island on one account, add the account to dreambot and run the script, making sure you select the account in the script panel. Then enter -1 for the number of accounts to create. If you want to create accounts automatically, select no account in the script panel and start the script. Enter the required information in the GUI. Read below for GUI instructions. Decide what captcha service you will use that will solve captchas for you (2Captcha/Anti Captcha) if you want to automatically create accounts. Anti Captcha: http://getcaptchasolution.com/kdjywifp0t . 2Captcha: https://bit.ly/2GhgRwD Anti Captcha is probably overall better at time of writing. Make sure you have Captcha balance if you want the script to automatically create accounts for you. After accounts are created, they are stored in a file in your DreamBot folder / ManlyTutorial. The script will stop once it has finished its task for the one account you specified or until it reaches the limit of accounts to create. It is recommended to use UNFLAGGED proxies for account creation. If your accounts are getting locked, this is why! Rotating IP Instructions: Just bought some rotating IPs to make accounts? Need quick instructions on how to get going? Read on. Enter a big number for the number of accounts to create e.g. 5000 Human like usernames, known/random domains and random passwords of any length you want e.g. 7 Enable IP tracker and the option to restart the process if the IP changes during account creation. Tick the option to carry on after an account is locked/banned. Set the rotation interval of your backend rotator to something sensible (e.g. it takes minimum 9 mins to complete tutorial + create account (latency dependant)). Read how to handle game cache to prevent chain bans in the next section. Things to know: Account names are randomly generated and are human like. Accounts are stored in your DreamBot folder / ManlyTutorial OR where you set the custom path. Script controller is in BETA and only works on Windows based OS's at the moment. If you want a simpler version of this script, why not check out Manly Tutorial Singular ? This script does NOT rotate individual proxies or load accounts from a file. You should create 2-3 accounts per IP per 24 hours. This is why UNFLAGGED proxies are recommended. You need to handle the game cache so that you do not get chain banned. There are two methods of handling game cache. Clearing the contents of random.dat which can be found in your user directory and then setting it to read only. OR Using fresh start in client settings and making sure you create 1 account per cache. GUI Instructions: Quickstart: Beginner's guide to DreamBot quickstart, please read this before asking me for help: All parameter fields need to be filled, regardless of whether you are using them e.g. 10. You can just enter random stuff for parameters you wont be using e.g. "eufiwuefewfwef" for 10 if you aren't on linux. The mode. This is what to do after completing tutorial island. The param entered should be entered exactly as one of the options in the GUI (case sensitive). World hopping. true for enabling world hopping, otherwise false. The number of accounts to create e.g. 30. Your Captcha API Key e.g. anticaptcha:KEY OR 2captcha:KEY The default password for every account created. True if you want it to kill the client once the script has stopped running, otherwise false. True if you want it to display the IP it is using + how many times the IP has changed, otherwise false. True if you want to create accounts with random passwords, otherwise false. The length of the passwords if you are generating random passwords. Path of the DreamBot folder if you are using the script on a linux OS e.g. /root/DreamBot/ (This doesn't actually work but you have to fill this field in. You can just enter a junk value.) When to write the account to the text file. false to write once you have completed tutorial. true to write once the account has been created. Whether to have human like usernames. true or false. Domain type of usernames. 'T' for temp domains, 'K' for known domains, 'R' for random domains, 'C' for custom domains (in format: "C|DOMAIN" where you replace domain with the domain name) (without single quotes ' '). true if you want the script to logout if the IP is not the same as the one used to create the account, otherwise false. true if you want the script to carry on after an account is locked/banned, false if not. true if you want the script to write to a file containing the username:password:rsn of every account created, otherwise false. true if you want the username of every account to be the same as the displayname + domain, otherwise false. This option overrides 12 if this one is true. true if you want to wait until ip changes to make next account, otherwise false. true if you want to wait until ip changes to kill the client once all accounts have been made, otherwise false. Kill client once runtime exceeds x amount of seconds. Format: true|900 if you want it enabled and want to kill client after 900 seconds, otherwise just enter false. true if you want to stop the script once it has failed to create an account 15 times, otherwise false. true if you want the script to write to a file containing the username:password:rsn:ip of every account created, otherwise false. true if you want the script to stop running if it receives the 'too many attempts' login message, otherwise false. Examples: Note: These may not be correct at all times. Accounts to make > 0: Do tut island/mode on specific account: What to do after completing tutorial island: Logout Train at chickens till 30/30/30 Near Lumbridge Mill In Chicken Farm Train at chickens till 30/30/30 In the middle of Falador and Port Sarim. Train at seagulls in Port Sarim till 30/30/30. Walk to GE. Terms & Conditions: Progress Reports: Trials: I don't offer trials for this script Contact: If you need help with anything not on this thread, add me on discord and I can help. My discord: Man16#4811 Price: $14.99 Monthly Purchase here:
  2. Decided to post this from my old account creation script (notice old) Please note only SendReq written by me, the rest is 2captcha api Usage: SendReq req = new SendReq("decipher", 18, "decipher@runescape.com", "decipher123"); req.createAccount(your 2captcha key); SendReq.java TwoCaptchaService.java HttpWrapper.java ProxyType.java
  3. To the creator of this, you're a business man!! You're a coordinator!! it's awesome and thank you for bringint his to the public, i hate pest control, and am using it to get my 500 points left done with! Thanks again to everyone who builds scripts and hosts it and manages etc
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