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Found 40 results

  1. OSRS and BTC only! - Trusted members may ask for paypal 07 $1 = 1.6M Btc = $1 = $1.3 btc Discord @ Ben#0258 Or join the discord https://discord.gg/zJjNSd6 OPEN Prices may change due to Market price of gold
  2. So I've been passively working on this for a couple weeks and its not as great as i would have liked but here it is anyway. SpamPanel Screenshots The Script Information Tab Updates As You Click Start. You can add *UNLIMITED* Messages To Spam! I may or may not update this in future but here you guys go
  3. I needed a bot to clean herbs. So I made one and I'm sharing it here. Feedback is encouraged. Cleans all tradeable herbs. Start in bank. Select herb to clean from UI. Stops when it runs out of herbs. Todo: Add Images to this post Paint ui to track: Total Herbs Cleaned Herbs Cleaned per hour Time running Profit per hour XP per hour Change pattern/order in which herbs are clicked.(When I manually clean herbs, I get bored and change the order I clean them in, so I thought maybe the bot could too) UI for pattern settings
  4. I purchased a script called Dream AIO Fisher only to find that the script is not available for download/ is discontinued. Please advise? Order #83091 Order placed 6 minutes ago https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=payments&section=store&do=item&id=56
  5. Hi everyone! I just bought members when i reached all my f2p skills around 40-50. Due to my work-schedule i'm not able to play a lot of runescape while i really like it. That's why i wanted to start a little bit of botting to raise some skills and make a little of bit of cash meanwhile, ofcourse i don't want to be banned so i googled some tips to reduce suspiciousness like: - Don't bot more than 2 hours straight. - Try not to use free scripts. Because i'm new to members all my member skills are around 10-20, now i'm wondering if you guys could give me some tips for some nice scripts that could help me out here. i'm actually looking for is: - slayer/killing script. - Fletching script. - Herblore script. - agility script. I'm looking forward being in this community, so i hope you guys could help me out Kind regards!
  6. So I\ve downloaded the bot, I double click it and nothing happends. It created a directory C:\Users\Username\DreamBot\BotData But the folder is empty, it even starts the process in taskmanager but nothing shows up.
  7. Hello! My accounts keep getting locked after finishing/while on tutorial island! Here is the full story: First of all i am using the Fixed Tutorial island script from rokaHakur. The weird things is,when i do it from my workplace,with the same laptop, i am using the same script,so basically everything is the same,only the ISP isn't and accounts are not getting locked,lasting 10h+ on suicide botting. However when i try from home,the accounts are getting locked immediately after tutorial,if not still on the island. At home i sold gold for money,so i got banned for RWT trading.When i try with VPN/proxy accounts still get locked.From work,no need for vpn and proxy accounts are doing good. At home i have a modem from UPC ,is it possible that the modems MAC got flagged? I am out of ideas. Could someone give me some tips?Has this happened to anybody else? Thanks!
  8. So i just got perm-banned on Sunday, probably around 16.00 British time. Yes i had it botting for 24 hours or something like that, yes the account was lvl 3, yes the account didn't have any quests done and yes i still had breaks on. (I had another lvl 3 bot doing the same thing for 48h, but that one didn't get banned) The ban isn't a big deal, lost around 500k with it or so. But from when did jagex start banning on the weekends? Also the latest script that the account used was a script that i have made and that has no other users exept me (although it's a pretty shit script). What could've caused the ban, since i'd like to keep my weekends ban-free.
  9. Does anyone use/know a good bot that can mine at the Mining Guild for OSRS? I'm looking 4 one, doesn't have 2 be free
  10. Stats of the account Minimum bid (price to start bids) 4m Autowin 5m Payment method OSRS Trading conditions (middleman) Middleman , if trusted ill go 1st 3 LEFT EDIT ~1 LEFT
  11. MINIMUM BID ~ 4M AUTOWIN -6M OSRS GP MIDDLEMAN (if trusted,ill go 1st) DISCORD wuzzy#0715
  12. Payment method ~ osrs gp ,Trusted middleman Mininum offer -4mil Win ~ 6m DISCORD ~wuzzy#0715
  13. So I am really new to this, this is what I did and how I got banned, any help is appreciated. It's for old rs. I started researching, coding and testing in game around 8pm, script was a working prototype around midnight, until 6am I was tweaking it so bot paused for like 30 min then ran for 30-60 min. Then I left it run 4 hours and went to sleep from 6am to 10am with no pauses, constant cicle, it would bug out sometimes when trying to find a portal so there is a up to 2 min break there while he tries to find a portal. I set my pc to turn off so I got no logs and I recieved a ban message at 9am. Any ideas? I was thinking this could be the problem, because it happens ~20 times per run, same point on the map clicked over and over again as soon as the mushrooms are picked up getWalking().walk(logArea.getCenter()); Any code and logic critique is welcome as well. code removed
  14. zaphodx

    95 fishing bot

    Account is approx 2 months old, has 95 fishing and has been member many times. Just looking for offers. If there's a good offer I might even take it.
  15. Hey guys, So I know and have experienced that if you get caught botting on F2P you get an immediate perma-ban. I was reading some forum posts from around 2014 that said member accounts that looked like someones main caught botting usually just get 2-day bans and stat rollbacks instead of getting perma-banned. I could not find any posts about this topic from a more recent date. What are your experiences on members account that had active subscriptions? I already can tell from botting my members account that the ban rates are waaay lower but I want to know what happens IF I do get banned. TY
  16. Qfisher is by far the best bot ive used on dreambot the longest ive botted without taking a break was 13hrs keep in mind its 100% FREE [media=960x720] [/media] Thanks so much to the developer Qbots i hope to see more work from you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. I got a funny idea not sure if doable/practicle but woud it be possible to make a rsps using current osrs version to just make scripts on as a test envirement for us scripters? a example of perks -instantly any requirements done -a teleport option for no travel time? -any items we require to make bots with without having to be scared a bot gets banned while testing/making the script -no other bot sites have this asfar as im aware so makes dreambot even more unique these are a few example's but im sure there are many more its just the question of is this possible? and if there are any costs to making this server you coud make it VIP/Scripter only this way it woud give even more of a reason for people to purchange vip woud love the option of the Staff on this topic since i feel like it woud be a AMAZING tool
  18. I need a free miner because i dont have dollars I have used Dreambot miner/Like 24 hours to ban Xak's VEast Miner/ the same
  19. So yesterday Dreambot was working fine as always , but today (The next day) when trying to login, it said failed to connect to server. So far I have tried adding the website (dreambot.org) to the java security list. Also tried disabling my firewall, but no luck so far :/ < Windows defender is only antivirus program on pc. From the dreambots properties I tried unblocking the program but still nothing. To sum it up, it is really weird that none of the above worked. Hope somebody could help with that problem. Sorry for my english
  20. For some reason when the new system update happened i can load up the bot client fine but i cannot start any scripts for my account. someone help me ere?
  21. Me and a couple of friends got banned at the same time today for botting. (2day ban only, though) Did anyone else get a ban today? Managed to bot my char to pretty decent stats, so I'm happy anyhow! #WeKnewTheRisk
  22. Are your accounts getting banned too quickly? Or are you just looking for tips to prevent bans? Here are some tips for you. Disclaimer: All these tips are gained from our botting experience and from tips from various guides on other botting sites. Botting immediately after tutorial island Tutorial island Botting immediately after tutorial island hugely increases your chances of getting banned immediately. We suggest that you play on the account legitimately for a few minutes to a few hours before running a script to make Jagex’s ban detection software think that you’re a legitimate player and to decrease suspicion. Botting tutorial island “Most bots don’t get off tutorial island.” – Mod Mat K If you want your accounts to last longer, do tutorial island legitimately. Botting tutorial island gets your account into Jagex’s watchlist just a few moments after you run your script. Tutorial island only takes only a bit more than 5 minutes so this shouldn’t be a problem. Botting on bot-infested areas Don’t bot on places or methods whereas there are alot of botters. A good example for this is the blast furnace. Yes, the cash there is good, but there are too much bots in that location, which is most likely targeted by Jagex already. We suggest that you be creative and think of your own moneymaking method. Breaks Legitimate players don’t play for dozens of hours without taking breaks (except if you’re Mr. Nosleep). Use the break handler features on most available botting clients. The break time patterns are up to you to decide. Proxy Usage We can’t stress this enough. Unless you want all your bots to get wiped on one go or unless you want your legitimate accounts to get involved in ban/RWT detection, USE PRIVATE PROXIES. The last thing you want is to be traced by Jagex. They help a lot. Fortunately for you, we have that topic covered. > Our Proxies list Free Scripts? Yes. Free scripts can work, but using free scripts can get you banned alot faster compared to using a premium script or private script, simply due to free scripts having alot more bots using the exact same patterns that the script uses. Purchasing premium scripts or private scripts can help your bots get banned noticeably longer. Bot using P2P accounts Yes, a bond might cost quite a bit. But in our experience, we think that botting using P2P accounts is a lot more worth it since we think P2P accounts last alot longer than F2P accounts in terms of ban detection. Well, unless you're suicide botting. Switch things up You are more likely to get banned if you bot one method straight. We suggest that you mix up your methods instead of botting one method for hours on end. Why? Simply because most legitimate players don’t mine iron ores for 15 hours straight. (e.g. Woodcut for 2 hours, then mine for an hour, etc etc.) Also, switching methods may help your bots dodge Jagex’s bot detection due to your patterns being changed up. Take breaks Once again, legitimate players don’t usually play 24/7. Takes random days off. Go on days where you just play and do a quest or two or just chat with people on Edgeville. Personally, I take breaks only for like once or twice a week. Just to avoid suspicion. Random usernames & player outfit Your display name probably wouldn’t affect the way the anti-bot system detects bots, but you are more likely to get reported when you use usernames like “Dragon632653” or “Monkey263263”. While you’re at it, we at BottingTips think that you’re also more likely to get reported when you have the default “Bob” player skin/outfit.
  23. trl156

    Bot doesnt load

    Hello, The client starts but doesnt loads since the new osrs update, how long will this stay and when can i bot again. thx for answering
  24. MrRobot

    What to bot?

    What is a good f2p money maker that will make good profit at lvl 3 ran w multiple accounts and good scripting! I can code any script, and i will love to share if a good method is suggested!
  25. Hello, I just downloaded this bot, and the scripts are working really bad and slow. (Im trying to bot combat, but on experiments, the xp per/h is like 10k max) The camera on the bot is scrolled to the closed possible, and cant scroll it outer. (sorry for my english) Could this possible be the reason? Here, i attached picture what i mean.
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