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    Found 7 results

    1. Long story short, I have decided to retire early from my OSRS scripting career and I feel bad leaving all this work I've done behind. So I figure I'll release the source code to everyone and maybe someone can learn something from it and then it isn't a complete waste of time lol. Features: Easy to use, robust anti-pattern system that randomizes various activities while botting. The current code will: Examine random entities (objects, npcs, ground and inventory items etc) Check a random stat (you can tell it which stats to check with antiban.setStatsToCheck(Skill.ATTACK, Skill.DEFENCE);) Type something random (gibberish) Move the mouse to a random location (and sometimes click the left or right button) Walk to a random location nearby Chop a random tree nearby Click on a random entity (object, npc, item etc.) Go AFK for a while (turns off autologin and random solvers temporarily) Open your inventory Open your stats menu Open your magic menu Open your combat menu (only if you have included Melee stats in your Stats to Check) Move the mouse off-screen for a while Move the camera randomly Trigger a "DO_RANDOM" flag for custom script-specific anti-pattern measures (eg. drop junk early etc.) It also includes ChatBot code (for retrieving CleverBot API responses). I will also include the code to my script-helper class just for anyone who is curious and maybe wants to steal some of my helper methods (such as randomized slot-pattern item dropping and general convenience methods). The way it was designed is to be used as a final callback after your usual script logic is performed. When your character is idling or between actions, call antiban.antiBan() to perform any of the given actions at random. Enjoy guys have fun. Script Example: package ZenTester; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import java.awt.*; @ScriptManifest(category = Category.MISC, name = "ZenTester", author = "Zenarchist", version = 1.0, description = "For testing") public class Main extends AbstractScript { // Declare anti-ban instance private ZenAntiBan antiban; @Override public void onStart() { // Initialize anti-ban instance antiban = new ZenAntiBan(this); } @Override public int onLoop() { // Check for random flag (for adding extra customized anti-ban features) if(antiban.doRandom()) log("Script-specific random flag triggered"); // Call anti-ban (returns a wait time after performing any actions) return antiban.antiBan(); } @Override // Draw anti-ban info to the screen public void onPaint(Graphics g) { g.drawString("Anti-Ban Status: " + (antiban.getStatus().equals("") ? "Inactive" : antiban.getStatus()), 10, 100); } } ZenAntiBan.java:
    2. Hi guys! First of all let me apologise if this has been posted in the wrong place, or if this is already common knowledge. I've recently been running three bots - all of them members, and all of them doing separate activities. I usually only bot for a few hours at a time, and always keep an eye on them. With security in mind, I took it a step further and started having conversations with myself. Yep, you read that right. I literally talk to myself. Not your typical homeless-drunk-lunatic-at-a-bus-shelter rambling, but just occasionally sending a PM from one of my bots to another, like "Woot, clue!" or "Ugh, getting sick of farming these drags" or "ban Emily". I would do this, occasionally, between Bot A and Bot B, but never Bot C. You see, Bot C is a loner I didn't really give a shit about. Today, while my three bots were running, Bot C was banned. The one that hadn't sent/received any mesages - the one with no friends. Could this be a coincidence? I dunno, I'm pretty high. Either way, it might be something to bear in mind. Type things every now and then. Say shit to strangers. Have conversations with yourself through your own bots, which has the added advantage of also helping with the crushing loneliness. Just my two cents. (I'm legally restricted from using the word 'advice' ever since the kindergarten fire incident) Thanks for reading, numbers
    3. Hi there guys, Just wondering why the anti-ban is script based and not some form integrated anti into the client itself? (camera movement, xp check, friends list checks?) I also think having pre-set text responses to common questions like "str lvl" or "hp lvl" and "hi" "yo" "sup" "you there" etc. etc. would be very beneficial to minimize player reports...? A great reply to "you there" would be - "ya, watchin netflix, movie, YT etc" I remember this being implemented in an older client which I won't name. I feel as though player reports are the biggest killer. Would be great for VIP only. Thoughts? Stay safe!
    4. Are Mondays typically a break day for botters? I've heard Jagex mods check for bots Monday-Tuesday each week. Is this true? Or is it that they already have the accounts flagged and do a clean sweep? If this is the case, would it be safe to bot on Mondays if you're not on that list?
    5. Grimbles

      Bot Daycare

      Offering a bot day care service, just thought of the idea and figured, like myself, that the hardest part about running bots is to prevent them from getting banned and make them look as human-like as possible. This then gave me the idea of watching people's bots for them. I will log in to your account, do some extraneous things like achievement diary, quests, and general game activity outside of your botting activities. I will hang out at the grand exchange, talk to other players, chill like they used to in Varrock 06 No information is necessary from you except for your username and password. Leave a post if you're interested and I will private message you through the website for Skype information. I will not reveal anyone's information publicly and I will delete all records of login information once service is finished. I am going to start small with a rate of 1m in-game gold for 1 week of logging in, chatting with other players, doing other non-botted skills, mini-games, etc. Alternatively, I can offer my Paypal information on Skype and charge one week for $3 of real-world money. I am/will not be responsible for bans that occur on the accounts. My service will be as far from botting as I can make it, and any bans that you incur from botting activity is your own responsibility. If you bot 15 hrs a day on F2P servers, I can't guarantee my playtime alone will keep you from a ban. Purchase at your own risk. **** I will be offering refunds and trials for my service until March 29th. If you'd like a trial, please upvote this thread and leave a comment requesting a trial. I will give you a trial service of myself logging in to your account until the 29th of March. (So if you ask for a trial tomorrow, you'd have that day and 5 days, as opposed to if you asked Saturday, where you'd only have that day and 4 days.) **** Post/PM me if interested! All other discussions welcome! EDIT: Spacing
    6. Title pretty much says it all. I'm trying to set a 1 min break interval and 1 min duration for my client to work together with a script to get the most out of bot time. However, when I set the break schedule, it never appears. Can the client even handle a 1 min break time? It doesn't even seem to be registering...
    7. The ability to queue different scripts would be really helpful. For example: Run Script 1 (for x minutes) Break (optional) Run Script 2 (for y minutes) Break (optional) Run Script 3 (for z minutes) ... Etc (x,y,z = user defined run lengths) I think this will also help with antiban since it will make gameplay look more human.
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