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  1. Raeve

    [F2P] Blue Dye Maker

    Raeve's Blue Dye Maker Features: Makes blue dye and banks in Draynor Village When out of Woad leaf it goes to GE to sell Blue dye and buy more Woad leaf Takes a safe path to the GE. Requirements: Start in GE with GP in inventory OR Start with Woad leaf and Coins in Draynor Potential updates: Get GUI to input amount of Woad leaf to buy. (Standard is 400 now) Image: https://gyazo.com/091d920103940aeb420d6f566c4a2d94 Please note this profit is with running to GE every 400 Woad leaf. If you start with more the profit is higher. Add script here: https://dreambot.org/sdn/script.php?add=true&script=1110
  2. c.getInventory().getItemInSlot(0).useOn I currently use this but is there a way to filter with item name or item ID?
  3. Forgot to mention has to be F2P!
  4. Looking for a script idea pref something that isnt on the SDN already. Let me know
  5. Raeve services is only accepting OSRS gold. Willing to do all quests & leveling. Most mini-games (No fire cape atm bad internet) Willing to use middleman If you're buying a service from me you're accepting the following terms: -You will changr your password before and after the service - I am not responsible for any bans. Since it's hand done - No refunds after the service has started - You will not login after the service has started - You will provide all items, gp etc - You do not leave items or gp on the account that have nothing to do with the service (Safety first) All prices are negotiable. Are you intressted? Contact me on discord: KutDisco#0859 or here with the following form: Order form: What do you need done? : How much are you willing to pay? : Would you like to use an MM or go first? : Do you agree to my terms? :
  6. Looking for a job with a decent pay. Prefer doing quests/Leveling could also do a few mini games if needed. Contact me on: KutDisco#0859
  7. Trying to learn scripting. Taking requests has to be F2P or provide account that acces it. Needs to be abit simple no complex scripts for me yet
  8. You still want this ? I could do it for you.
  9. Raeve

    (S) Tank skiller

    A/W : 22M Start bid: 12M
  10. 1. Would that even have usefull inpact? 2. Good idea will try that. 3. That is for later First want it to work without fancy stuff xD 4. Changed that thanks man !
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