Class Instance

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class Instance
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.lang.Runnable
    • Field Detail

      • instance

        public static Instance instance
    • Method Detail

      • getProxyName

        public static java.lang.String getProxyName()
        Gets the client's proxy nickname, null if no proxy selected
      • isDeveloperModeActive

        public static boolean isDeveloperModeActive()
        Checks to see if the client's Developer Mode is active
        true if it's active, false otherwise
      • isClientOutdated

        public static boolean isClientOutdated()
        Checks if the currently running client is outdated.

        Note: This assumes the client is in the standard location, if you're running the client directly from a different location it may not be accurate.

        True if there is a newer client version available, false if it fails to check or if there isn't a newer version
      • getInstance

        public static Instance getInstance()
      • isCacheLoaded

        public static boolean isCacheLoaded()
        No longer used
      • setDrawScriptPaint

        public static void setDrawScriptPaint​(boolean shouldDraw)
      • getCanvas

        public static java.awt.Canvas getCanvas()
      • setCanvas

        public void setCanvas​(java.awt.Canvas canvas)
      • isMouseInputEnabled

        public static boolean isMouseInputEnabled()
      • setMouseInputEnabled

        public void setMouseInputEnabled​(boolean mouseInputEnabled)
      • dispatchCanvasEvent

        public static void dispatchCanvasEvent​(java.awt.AWTEvent event)
      • minimize

        public static void minimize()
        This method minimizes (dock) the whole DreamBot program
      • show

        public static void show()
        This method will un-minimize and bring the whole DreamBot program to the front of your desktop
      • shouldDrawScriptPaint

        public static boolean shouldDrawScriptPaint()
      • run

        public void run()
        Specified by:
        run in interface java.lang.Runnable
      • drawMouse

        public boolean drawMouse()
      • setDrawMouse

        public void setDrawMouse​(boolean drawMouse)
      • failedToLoad

        public boolean failedToLoad()
      • isWorldSet

        public boolean isWorldSet()
      • enableInputs

        public void enableInputs()
      • destroy

        public void destroy()
      • getWrapper

        public org.dreambot.internal.loader.InstanceWrapper getWrapper()
      • getLoader

        public org.dreambot.internal.loader.InstanceLoader getLoader()
      • getFieldLoader

        public org.dreambot.internal.fields.FieldLoader getFieldLoader()
      • getUI

        public org.dreambot.internal.InstanceGUI getUI()
      • getApplet

        public java.applet.Applet getApplet()
      • update

        public void update()
      • isKeyboardInputEnabled

        public boolean isKeyboardInputEnabled()
      • setKeyboardInputEnabled

        public void setKeyboardInputEnabled​(boolean keyboardInputEnabled)
      • getUserAgent

        public java.lang.String getUserAgent()
      • addEventListener

        public void addEventListener​(java.util.EventListener listener)
      • removeEventListener

        public void removeEventListener​(java.util.EventListener listener)
      • getRandomManager

        public RandomManager getRandomManager()
        Gets the current script's random manager, or null if script manager/current script are null.
        Current script random manager or null if current script is null
      • getRandomManagerThread

        public static java.lang.Thread getRandomManagerThread()
      • isHidingUsernames

        public static boolean isHidingUsernames()