Class World

  • public class World
    extends java.lang.Object
    Created by Nezz on 1/5/2015.
    • Constructor Detail

      • World

        public World()
      • World

        public World​(int id,
                     boolean isMember,
                     boolean isPVP,
                     boolean highRisk,
                     boolean dmm,
                     int location,
                     int minLevel,
                     boolean lastManStanding,
                     boolean tournamentWorld,
                     boolean targetWorld,
                     boolean twistedLeague)
        Creates a World object
        id - ID of the world, under 300
        isMember - boolean value of if the world is members
        isPVP - boolean value of if the world is PVP
        highRisk - boolean value of if the world is high risk
        location - integer value of the location, 1=US, 2=Germany, 3=UK
    • Method Detail

      • getID

        public int getID()
        Gets the ID of the world, greater than 300 NOTE: This method is deprecated and will be removed, please use getWorld instead.
      • getWorld

        public int getWorld()
        Gets the ID of the world, greater than 300
        world ID
      • getRealID

        public int getRealID()
        Gets the real ID of the world, less than 300
        Real ID of the world
      • getLocationValue

        public int getLocationValue()
        Gets the location value of the world.
        integer value of location of world
      • isMembers

        public boolean isMembers()
        Checks if the world is a Members only world
        True if members only, else False
      • isF2P

        public boolean isF2P()
        Checks if the world is a F2P world
        True if f2p, else False
      • isPVP

        public boolean isPVP()
        Checks if the world is PVP
        True if PVP, else False
      • isHighRisk

        public boolean isHighRisk()
        Checks if the world is High Risk
        True if High Risk, else False
      • isDeadmanMode

        public boolean isDeadmanMode()
        Checks if the world is deadman mode
        True if deadman mode, else False
      • getMinimumLevel

        public int getMinimumLevel()
        Gets the minimum level required for the world, 0 if no minimum level.
        Integer value of required minimum level for the world
      • getLocation

        public Location getLocation()
        Gets the Location of the world
        Location of the world
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        Gets the String value of the world, example: W330
        toString in class java.lang.Object
        String value of the world
      • isTournamentWorld

        public boolean isTournamentWorld()
      • isLastManStanding

        public boolean isLastManStanding()
      • setLastManStanding

        public void setLastManStanding​(boolean lastManStanding)
      • isTargetWorld

        public boolean isTargetWorld()
      • setTargetWorld

        public void setTargetWorld​(boolean targetWorld)
      • isBountyWorld

        public boolean isBountyWorld()
      • setBountyWorld

        public void setBountyWorld​(boolean bountyWorld)
      • getDescription

        public java.lang.String getDescription()
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(java.lang.String description)
      • getHost

        public java.lang.String getHost()
      • setHost

        public void setHost​(java.lang.String host)
      • isTwistedLeague

        public boolean isTwistedLeague()
      • isNormal

        public boolean isNormal()
      • isSuspicious

        public boolean isSuspicious()
      • setSuspicious

        public void setSuspicious​(boolean suspicious)
      • getMask

        public int getMask()
      • setMask

        public void setMask​(int mask)