Class ShipWebNode

    • Constructor Detail

      • ShipWebNode

        public ShipWebNode​(Tile startingTile,
                           Tile endingTile,
                           java.lang.String entity,
                           java.lang.String action,
                           Condition requirements)
    • Method Detail

      • getShipNodes

        public static java.util.List<ShipWebNode> getShipNodes()
      • execute

        public boolean execute()
        Description copied from class: AbstractWebNode
        This is called by the walker to handle the actual walking, entity handling, or whatever else needed to get past this node.
        execute in class AbstractWebNode
        true if the node is successfully handled, false otherwise
      • hasRequirements

        public boolean hasRequirements()
        Description copied from class: AbstractWebNode
        This is used to determine during path finding if the current player can use this node
        hasRequirements in class AbstractWebNode
        true if it's usable by the current player, false otherwise
      • getType

        public WebNodeType getType()
        Description copied from class: AbstractWebNode
        Returns the WebNodeType of this node, used during path finding to ensure they're not disabled by the script
        getType in class AbstractWebNode
        the type of web node