Class StandardDropPattern

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    public class StandardDropPattern
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements DropPattern
    This class can be used to create drop patterns based on slot position easily. If you need more control or want a drop pattern that isn't based on slot position, you can implement the DropPattern interface on a class of your own.
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        public static final DropPattern LEFT_TO_RIGHT_THEN_DOWN

        public static final DropPattern TOP_TO_BOTTOM_THEN_RIGHT
    • Constructor Detail

      • StandardDropPattern

        public StandardDropPattern​(int... inventorySlotOrder)
        Creates a StandardDropPattern based on slot position
        inventorySlotOrder - Slot ID's in order from first to be dropped to last to be dropped. Any missing slots will be dropped after any listed slots in ascending order. Slot ID's start at 0 with the top left item and end with 27 at the bottom right.