Class KeyboardProfile

  • public class KeyboardProfile
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains various fields for a typing profile, uses a seeded random in order to give each account a unique profile Auto rebuilds the profile based on newly set words per minute
    • Constructor Detail

      • KeyboardProfile

        public KeyboardProfile()
    • Method Detail

      • resetToDefaults

        public static void resetToDefaults()
      • setWordsPerMinute

        public static void setWordsPerMinute​(double wpm)
        Sets the word per minute and rebuilds the profile based on the new typing speed. Profile fields are rebuilt using a seeded random and a multiplier based on the new speed vs the default speed. words per minute is automatically adjusted based on a seeded random when set. If you put in 100, it will be adjusted and may not end up as 100.
        wpm -
      • getWordsPerMinute

        public static double getWordsPerMinute()
      • isMakeMistakes

        public static boolean isMakeMistakes()
      • setMakeMistakes

        public static void setMakeMistakes​(boolean mistakes)