Green Dragon Killer
Author: 7804364
Category: Combat
Features: - Looting bag Support (Toggle on or off) - Different paths to make pattern detection harder - Advanced combat routine - Advanced Anti-pk - Death walking - Currently Supports Green Dragons West Requirements: - Varrock Teleports (teleport tabs) - Food of your choice - Anti dragon fire shield - Gear able to kill green dragons - Skills able to kill green dragons Set up: If you are using a looting bag option, please have the looting bag in your inventory on start of script. Have your food and copies of the equipment you are currently wearing in your inventory for death walk. Start script with your selections at the Varrock West bank. Price: Script will be $4.99 and $4.99 every month after that. Trial: To obtain a 24 hour trial, please upvote the thread, then comment that you want a trial.

Price: $4.99
Monthly: $4.99
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