Baller Agility Pyramid
Author: Im A Baller
Category: Agility
An Amazing Script Full of Amazing Features! - Runs full Agility Pyramid FLAWLESSLY - Banks at Nardah OR logs out when you want! - Eats ANY food you want at whatever health YOU want! - Drinks any potion from energy to stamina! You pick! - Takes out as much food and water from the bank as YOU want! - Cashes out all pyramids if you want it to! Banks them otherwise - great for saving your money in DMM! - Use as much of our humanlike antiban as you want (0-100)! - Shows waterskin doses if you ask it to! - Drops empty waterskins like a real player! - Sleek, useful GUI to tell the script all of your settings!

Price: $6.49
Monthly: Free
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