Author: TheCloakdOne
Category: Money Making
User Count: 157
Running out of 07 gold? with this script you can dance for the cash you need! simply start the script on any account and it will make its way to the GE and then start busting some moves! Accepts trades from generous players and banks where required. Features: Autochat support (Currently disabled as no one donates with autochat for some reason!) Walk to GE Trade timeout Random additional begging messages Banks if inventory is full Picks up ground items (Coins for now) Custom chat effects Donation detection & reaction World Hopping No donations in a world for over 5-15 minutes Not enough players in the world will hop after a few minutes Requirements: None Reccomendations: Members Account Higher combat to be more believable Fancy looking clothes to look like a noob Female character Upcoming features: Flexible chat options (GUI) Additional context aware messages (player questions etc) PMod detection hop

Price: Free
Monthly: Free
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