Author: Defiled
Category: Mini-games
DefiledMTA Magic Training Arena High EXP/hr High GP/hr Task System Reward Shop All 4 MiniGames Anti-Ban Maze-Solving Cupboard Solver Features: - Contains all 4 MTA Minigames (Enchantment Chamber, Alchemists Playground, Creature Graveyard, Telekinetic Theatre) - Full Fledged Loop-able Task System That Includes Reward Tasks. - 3 Goal Systems (Points, Timer, Magic Level). The possibilities are endless! - Contains a multitude of modes - Enchantment Chamber contains 3 modes (Standard, DragonStones, Only-Bonus) - Alchemists Playground contains Empty Cupboard Handling, Rapid-Alching, Highest value cupboard detection. - Creature Graveyard:Inventory points listener where it checks the amount of points/fruit-exchange available in inventory, extremely efficient. - Casting Bones2Bananas while healing with Bones2Peaches - Reward Shop Rapid TaskPurchasing - Telekinetic Theatre contains a maze solver that can solve any maze that Jagex decides to throw in. Credits for Maze Solver to Articronty bb - Anti Ban - Stamina Potion, Stamina Mix, Energy Potion are available for all mini games except Creature Graveyard (not needed) - and much more..

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Monthly: $15.00
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