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Xephy's Jangerberries

by Xephy
Collects jangerberries for roughly 150k gp/h - Supports food - Supports world hopping when somebody joins you on the island - Very human-like clicks and actions.
Clay Humidifier

by Xephy
Humidifies Clay - Approximately 400k gp/h & 20k xp/h - Start with Steam Staff equipped and near a bank.
WC Guild Planker

by Xephy
Chops oak trees, converts them into planks, deposits, repeats. Also loots bird nests, supports worldhopping.
Xephy's Gargoyle Slayer

by Xephy
Kills gargoyles - Can earn upwards of 900k/hr - Guthans support - Alching support - Food support