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Xephy's Jangerberries

by Xephy
Collects jangerberries for roughly 150k gp/h - Supports food - Supports world hopping when somebody joins you on the island - Very human-like clicks and actions.
Xephy's Gargoyle Slayer

by Xephy
Kills gargoyles - Can earn upwards of 900k/hr - Guthans support - Alching support - Food support
Clay Humidifier

by Xephy
Humidifies Clay - Approximately 400k gp/h & 20k xp/h - Start with Steam Staff equipped and near a bank.
WC Guild Planker

by Xephy
Chops oak trees, converts them into planks, deposits, repeats. Also loots bird nests, supports worldhopping.
Xephy's Minnow Fisher

by Xephy
Catches minnows on the minnow platform for Great XP and 500k/HR.