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Lost Beggar

by Lost Fedora
Lost Beggar - People are too generous. Easy to use and best of all literally no requirements. Features: You can beg in the Grand Exchange, Lumbridge Castle, Edgeville and the Duel Arena (More locations on request). Easily see what you have begged this session. Hop worlds after every trade or/and at an interval in minutes. Dancing support Never stay too long on the same world. Choose which worlds it should hop between. Customizable Begging, Cancelling and Thanking lines. ANTI-Lure - This script will try and prevent being lured by being traded multiple times to dangerous locations.
Lost Looter

by Lost Fedora
Dreambots #1 Wildy looter Features: 100K/HR on F2P and 400K/HR on P2P. Easy to use gui. Death walking Autodetermining what to loot Saving and loading configurations Muling support via clanchat at the GE. Mule hopping support - Will hop to the mule and back to the correct world! Able to sell loot at the GE before giving the money to the mule. Antipking - Will run away to safety when being attacked
AIO Lost Boner

by Lost Fedora
All in One Prayer Script Features: Gilded Altar in Yanille Bank and Bury at every bank Pickup and bury, you can select any area and it will collect any kind of bones and bury them! A lot of supported bones! More features coming!
Lost Salts

by Lost Fedora
This script farms Saltpetre in Great Kourend. See thread for more details.