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DynaFighter AIO

by 7804364
DynaFighter is a highly efficient AIO fighter that is capable of doing anything your wildest dreams can image. Some features being: Antiban (Does antiban stuff) Banking (Will bank your loot anywhere and get food anywhere and return to your hunting spot) Looting (Loots loot) Eating (Eats food) More features to come!

by 7804364
DynaMiner Overview: DynaMiner is an AIO, it will power mine it will bank. Features: - World Hopping (F2P/P2P) - Advanced Rock Targetting - Advanced Antiban - Mine Radius - Mine and Bank Anywhere (web walk supported)
Dyna Hill Giants

by 7804364
Intro This script will attack hill giants in the Edgeville dungeon, It will eat when you have low health, it will also eat the food to make room for more bones, it will then bank the bones, get more food, then repeat! Requirements Make sure you have suitable gear and combat to kill a level 28 hill giant, and enough food in the bank. Brass Key Get Started Start the script with the brass key and the desirable amount of food in your inventory at the Varrock east bank (the big one)
Dynamic Automation AIO

by 7804364
An AIO bot Currently Supports Mining/Woodcutting/Fighter all with banking and power chopping/mining/killing.
Green Dragon Killer

by 7804364
Features: - Looting bag Support (Toggle on or off) - Different paths to make pattern detection harder - Advanced combat routine - Advanced Anti-pk - Death walking - Currently Supports Green Dragons West Requirements: - Varrock Teleports (teleport tabs) - Food of your choice - Anti dragon fire shield - Gear able to kill green dragons - Skills able to kill green dragons Set up: If you are using a looting bag option, please have the looting bag in your inventory on start of script. Have your food and copies of the equipment you are currently wearing in your inventory for death walk. Start script with your selections at the Varrock West bank. Price: Script will be $4.99 and $4.99 every month after that. Trial: To obtain a 24 hour trial, please upvote the thread, then comment that you want a trial.

by 7804364
Features: - Dynamically mines ore veins at Motherlode - Fixes the broken wheel - Intelligent path finding - added profit calculator - dynamic pathing Start up: - Pickaxe in inventory or equipped - Have a hammer in your inventory - Start in the Motherlode
7804364's Ranarr Farm

by 7804364
Features: - Plants ranarr's in the 3 locations (Camelot, Ardounge, Falador) - Sleeps 80 minutes at the end of cycle to log back in to collect herbs - Anti-pattern Start up: - Herblore level 22 - Rake, Seed dibber, Spade in inventory - Have lots of Camelot tabs, Falador tabs, Ranarr seeds, Ultracompost in bank - Start in Camelot teletab spot