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Bun's Simple Farmer

by Bunnybun
Does allotment and herb runs.
Bun's AIO Farming

by Bunnybun
All-in-one #1 farming script. Fully customizable farm runs. Automatic restocking. Progressive 1-99. Supports all plants, 24 locations, and 34 teleport methods.
$9.99 + $4.99/mo
Bun's Thiever

by Bunnybun
#1 Thieving Script. Master Farmer from Level 3. Automated muling. Robust task system. Does any NPC or Stall, anywhere. Emulates human behaviour accurately.
$7.99 + $3.99/mo
Bun's AIO Clockworks

by Bunnybun
Starts from level 3 and takes care of requirements quickly and easily, in just 40 minutes you'll be ready to start making 200k-350k/hr per account. All-in-One. Grand Exchange Support. Automated Muling.
$14.99 + $9.99/mo