Class AnimationSequence

  • public class AnimationSequence
    extends java.lang.Object
    A AnimationSequence data wrapper used to coordinate animations for models throughout the game.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AnimationSequence

        public AnimationSequence​(int animationID,
        Instantiates a new Animation sequence.
        animationID - the animation iD
        prn - the prn
    • Method Detail

      • createArchiveContainer

        public static void createArchiveContainer​(org.dreambot.internal.cache.noto.fs.util.CacheManager manager)
      • get

        public static AnimationSequence get​(int id)
        Get animation sequence.
        id - the id
        the animation sequence
      • setupCacheLoader

        public static void setupCacheLoader​(org.dreambot.internal.cache.CacheLoader cacheLoader)
        Sets cache loader for the AnimationSequence Loader.
        cacheLoader - the cache loader
      • getFrameLengths

        public int[] getFrameLengths()
      • setFrameLengths

        public void setFrameLengths​(int[] frameLengths)
      • getFrameIDs

        public int[] getFrameIDs()
      • setFrameIDs

        public void setFrameIDs​(int[] frameIDs)
      • getIntArrayA

        public int[] getIntArrayA()
      • setIntArrayA

        public void setIntArrayA​(int[] intArrayA)
      • getIntArrayB

        public int[] getIntArrayB()
      • setIntArrayB

        public void setIntArrayB​(int[] intArrayB)
      • getPriority

        public int getPriority()
      • setPriority

        public void setPriority​(int priority)
      • getAnimationFlowControl

        public int[] getAnimationFlowControl()
      • setAnimationFlowControl

        public void setAnimationFlowControl​(int[] animationFlowControl)
      • getPrecedenceAnimating

        public int getPrecedenceAnimating()
      • setPrecedenceAnimating

        public void setPrecedenceAnimating​(int precedenceAnimating)
      • getCreationTime

        public long getCreationTime()
      • setCreationTime

        public void setCreationTime​(long creationTime)
      • getMixedAnimationModel

        public CacheModel getMixedAnimationModel​(CacheModel cacheModel,
                                                 int n,
                                                 AnimationSequence animationSequence,
                                                 int n2)
        Gets mixed animation model.
        cacheModel - the cache model
        n - the n
        animationSequence - the animation sequence
        n2 - the n 2
        the mixed animation model
      • decodeReadValues

        public void decodeReadValues​( buffer,
                                     int opcode)
        Decode read values.
        buffer - the buffer
        opcode - the opcode
      • getAnimatedModel

        public CacheModel getAnimatedModel​(CacheModel cacheModel,
                                           int id)
        Gets animated model.
        cacheModel - the cache model
        id - the id
        the animated model
      • getAnimationID

        public int getAnimationID()
      • setAnimationID

        public void setAnimationID​(int animationID)
      • getPlayerReplacementWeapon

        public int getPlayerReplacementWeapon()
      • setPlayerReplacementWeapon

        public void setPlayerReplacementWeapon​(int playerReplacementWeapon)
      • getFrameStep

        public int getFrameStep()
      • setFrameStep

        public void setFrameStep​(int frameStep)
      • getPlayerReplacementShield

        public int getPlayerReplacementShield()
      • setPlayerReplacementShield

        public void setPlayerReplacementShield​(int playerReplacementShield)
      • getDelayType

        public int getDelayType()
      • setDelayType

        public void setDelayType​(int delayType)
      • isDynamic

        public boolean isDynamic()
      • setDynamic

        public void setDynamic​(boolean dynamic)
      • getMaximumLoops

        public int getMaximumLoops()
      • setMaximumLoops

        public void setMaximumLoops​(int maximumLoops)
      • getForcedPriority

        public int getForcedPriority()
      • setForcedPriority

        public void setForcedPriority​(int forcedPriority)