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Nano Herblore

* * * * * (5 customer reviews)

Renewal: $1.99 Every 30 days

Author: Neffarion

Highly sophisticated & fully fledged AIO Herblore script.
Supports Task Queuing, Anti-Ban, World Hopping, Message Logger, Mouse-Key herb cleaning and much, much more
Check the forum topic for more details.

Thread: http://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/6362-399aio-nano-herblore-highly-sophisticated-herblore-script/

Customer Reviews

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* * * * * by vadepker Oct 09 2016 10:12 PM

VERY VERY GOOD SCRIPT I recommend buying this script 100%. it makes up to 8k cleaned a hour + has alot of anti ban options! It lets you choose what anti ban u want and alot more! Lets say u want to clean 2000+ herbs and then want to make them into (unf) potions but not setup another bot due to going afk just being lazy what ever this works like a charm it lets u que tasks. I bought this script a couple hours ago and have had no issues what so ever! It is faster and way more accurate then all the other bots i have used for herblore.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

* * * * * by Josh Oct 20 2016 05:05 PM

Bought this script and I extremely LOVE it. Has really good anti-ban, human like features as said in it's thread, watched it go for 2 hours and I'm really amazed by it. 5 out of 5 DEFINITELY. Worth the steal <3

* * * * * by PapaJered Jan 03 2017 06:00 AM

Love this script, first time ive bought a nano script and right away i am very please. Most informative paint of any script ive used, can use this progressively, and all the options allow the bot to play more closely to the way i actually play than any other script ive used here, and my library is pretty extensive. TY for this script ;P

* * * * * by Bredz Jan 16 2017 07:57 PM

This script is amazing, it has lots and lots of features and it worked flawless for me.
The attention for detail is mind blowing. this is also the case in nano fletcher

* * * * * by dave6022 Feb 04 2017 10:42 AM

Amazing script man! Well worth the $4, lol. The script runs flawlessly and can constantly run new tasks. I will post proggies if requested. Thanks.

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