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    ok so i used to bot alot on like rsbots.org or .net like 4-5 yeats ago and then it got shut down, but i recently started playing again and tried out a few of these newer bot sites and my accounts keep getting banned? like i dont even use them for that long maybe like 3-5 hours and boom its banned. just curious what makes this site better? or what am i doing wrong, someone teach me haha 

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    There are a couple of forum posts that I have seen on this site regarding Ban-Evasion, but here are my little tips for you:


    1) The days of suicide botting is no more. If you wish to see an account last that is, aim for 6-8hrs /day while taking breaks. Try to make it seem human as possible.

    2) Free scripts are known to get you banned quicker, because more people are using them. Same thing with popular botting areas....try avoiding those.

    3)Try to avoid popular botting spots, as you are a sitting duck while there.

    4) Dreambot is good, because it offers Covert mode (VIP+) Ive yet to fully experience it, but users say it will by-pass Jagex's automatic Bot-Detection program. Thus the only way you will get banned, is if a RS player reports you!


    I hope some of these help =

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    Sadly the days of rsbots is gone and jagex have significantly stepped up there bot detection. Have to be alot more careful now. Though dreambots covert mode does bring the fight back to our side quite alot from my time using it.

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    I stay at dreambot because of the low banrate and the nice[r] community :P


    Test out banrates with other accs before botting your main, or bot for GP and use more expensive training methods on your main.


    Either work

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