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  • Dexters Abyssal Runecrafter

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    240px-Coins_detail.webp.ca885504dc8acdac9e135aa1a00adf39.webpDexters Abyssal Crafter BETA240px-Coins_detail.webp.9263c3a312ad6e112ba89da5d3bec0aa.webp


    • Rune Crafting: Automatically crafts various types of runes, including Air, Mind, Water, Earth, Fire, Body, Cosmic, Chaos, Nature, Death, and Blood runes.
    • Pouch Management: Uses all pouches automatically and performs maintenance repairs as needed.
    • Player Safety in PvP: Features an advanced security mechanism where, if the player is attacked in a PvP zone, the tool will teleport the player back to a safe area and automatically switch worlds, unless teleportation is blocked.
    • Death Recovery: In the event of player death, the tool retrieves all items from Death's office, switches worlds, and resumes crafting.
    • Antiban



    • Initial Setup: Starts at Ferox Enclave(or with RoD and stuff equipped(pickaxe and pouches everywhere on the rs world)  and ensures all required rune pouches are in the inventory.
    • Inventory Management: Maintains an adequate supply of Ring of Dueling and Pure Essences in the bank and wear a Runite Pickaxe for uninterrupted operation.


    • Recommended player stats: Mining 70, Agility 60+, Defense 50+.
    • Equipped with the Armor of GOTR (Guardians of the Rift) post-death for optimized crafting. Custom armor scanning is in development, with GOTS Equipment and Runite Pickaxe currently recommended.


    • You can make up to a million GP with Blood Runes and the GOTR equipment and Colossal Bag, with RC 92 and Nature Runes about 700k per hour, up to 92 RC between 300-400k GP per hour.


    Additional Features:

    • Walking optimization for enhanced movement efficiency throughout the game.
    • More Antiban features.
    • More pickaxes will be added, as currently only runite is accepted.
    • A food option might also be added for low-level accounts due to the hell monsters.

    Usage Note:

    • Ensure your bank has a sufficient stock of essentials like Ring of Dueling, Pure Essences and many Runite Pickaxes for seamless rune crafting!

    For questions and bugs, just reach out. Thanks!

    Note: RC has a high Ban rate use carefull





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    Dexters Abyssal Runecrafter BETA has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v0.01 and is available in the client!
    Time since request was made: 1 hour, 33 minutes, 5 seconds

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    1 hour ago, soicybenji said:

    Wenn man Chaos-Runen mit allem, was im Setup ist, verwendet, geht es zum Alter-Craft, stoppt dann und bleibt dort stehen


    Thanks for the Feedback, i fix it soon

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    1 hour ago, soicybenji said:

    Doesn't fill rune pouches either.


    Where exactly is the problem? I just tested it and it works. Which pouches do you have? Do you have a duel ring equipped and start in Ferox enclave?

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