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  • šŸ‘‘Dreamy Kourend FavouršŸ‘‘| Hosidius | Lokakengj | Piscarilius | Shayzien | Quests |


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    | Hosidius | Lokakengj | Piscarilius | Shayzien | Quests |Ā 



    Quests for extra House Favour

    The following quests are added for extra house favour.

    • Quest X marks the Spot
    • QuestĀ Client of Kourend for 20% in any favour.
    • Quest The Queen of Thieves for 10% favour in Piscarilius.

    Important: The quests are using the Grand Exchange to purchase the needed items. EXP Lamps & favour certificate are customisable.


    Hosidius symbol.png

    Hosidius House Favour

    Ploughing fields

    • Plough fields at the south of Hosidius.
    • Will grab hammer if missing in inventory.

    Making sulphurous fertiliser

    • CombiningĀ compost and saltpetre. (You need compost and saltpetre in your bank)
    • Automatically knows how much you need for 100%.
    • Donate theĀ fertiliser to Clerk once you have enough for 100% favour.


    Port Piscarilius symbol.png

    Piscarilius House Favour

    Collect fresh fish

    • Collect fresh fish at Port Piscarilius.
    • Turn fresh fish to Frenkie.
    • CustomisableĀ turn-in amount.

    Hunting sand worms

    • Hunt sandworms atĀ Port Piscarilius. (You need a spade in your bank)
    • Worldhopping if there are no sand worms nearby.
    • Purchase buckets from fishing store Tynan.

    Repair fishing cranes

    • Repair fishing cranes atĀ Port Piscarilius.(You need planks, iron nails & a hammer in your bank)
    • Worldhopping if there are no broken cranes nearby.

    The Queen of Thieves.

    • CompletesĀ The Queen of Thieves quest for 10% favour.


    Shayzien symbol.png

    Shayzien House Favour

    Heal soldiers

    • Heal woundedĀ soldiers at Shayzien.
    • Take medpacks if missing in inventory.
    • Worldhopping if there are no wounded soldiers nearby.

    Kill lizardmans

    • Kill lizardmans at Shayzien.
    • Eating & antipotions support.


    Lovakengj symbol.png

    Lovakengj House Favour

    • Mining volcanic sulphur
    Edited by Zawy
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    5 hours ago, Minkel said:

    is this going to be released within skiller elite?

    It's not sorry.

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    Bought day 1, always love using zawy's scripts. Got me shayzien favour quick and let me test some new things out. Opened up a lot of options for me to build and use zeah now, always ignored favour now I can do it without being annoyed. I enjoy the script 10/10Ā 

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