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    1. Date Purchased:  12/09/21
    2. Script Purchased:  Dreamy Thieving
    3. Script Creator (tag them with @): Zawy 
    4. Reason for Refund: Bugged out, stuck in some places, spam buttons, got temp banned few days after using the script ive runned very conservetive settings! and monitor it closely, i would like a refund to my credit
    5. Proof of Issues (required: screenshots, videos, and/or DreamBot logs):  
    6. Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies):  https://gyazo.com/7fb2813e8bfa8e33beb2a32092236fa6
    7. Desired Outcome: Refund (back to payment method or store credit) / Issue Fixed / Script Swap store credit plz same goes to the other of same script maker if possible!
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    issues like stuck in some areas where walking back and fourth problem with bank, make mulitple uneccesary clicks, that make it more obv, i would like an refund to my credit that would be awesome and also, one of the account i used got a 2 days temp ban, and ive been monitoring this closely, didnt abuse and spam run it 24/7, ive been taking many break on the course of the hours ... ive got one perma ban account and one temp ban 2 days, after using those on super safe settings..


     2 accounts that got lock or perma ban, after using safe settings plus the script been bugged, in certain areas, add credit to my account its bit sad getting busted after monitor it alot recentlly bought...

    Account History - RuneScape | Old School RuneScape - Profile 1 - Microsoft Edge (gyazo.com)

    Account History - RuneScape | Old School RuneScape and 1 more page - Profile 1 - Microsoft Edge (gyazo.com)

    Edited by HDANT1
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    Looks like you started bringing up the issues with the script only after getting banned for using it. We don't qualify getting banned as a valid reason for a refund.

    Request denied.

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