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    Quality Scripts Rapid Delivery Free Patches Cheap Upgrades


    ⚙️ SHOP STATUS: OPEN (Light Queue)

    Light Queue: The amount of received requests at this moment is light, therefore a quicker delivery is more favorable.

    Heavy Queue: The amount of received requests at this moment is a lot, therefore a late delivery may be factored.



    Hi! I'm Adam!

    I'm an engineering student who loves programming. I've been scripting here at DreamBot since 2019 (since registration) and in my time here I've made a lot of scripts. I've been in the RuneScape underground scene since 2011, starting from RSPSs to Creating Updaters and Clients.

    for an extra and wider look about me: Click Here To Visit Defiled.Dev


    🤝🏿 Dealing with me is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 🤝🏿

    1) 💭 We discuss the product & agree on a price.

    2) 💰 You pay 50% - 100% (Depending on Price & Previous Orders) of the product's agreed-on price before work commences.

    3) 🚚 After proof of product completion is shown by me, you pay the remaining amount (if any) and the product gets delivered to you.


     🛠️ Updates & Additions 🛠️

    - 1 Month of Free Bug Fixes and Debugging with every private script purchase.

    - 25% lifetime discounted rate on script additions.


    💰 Payment Method(s)  💰

    CryptocurrencyBTC, XRP, USDT

    🎮 OSRS GP [Current Rate = 0.473/M] 🎮

    💵 PayPal Friends & Family 💵


    💬 CONTACT 💬

    defiled0140 through Discord


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    21 hours ago, osrssom said:

    Your website's UI is so satisfying, wow. Good luck with sales!

    That's very nice of you to say, thanks :) 

    3 hours ago, yeeter01 said:

    Glad to see you are back in business 😃 

    Thank you :) I'm glad about that too :D .

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