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  • Zodiac AIO Crafting


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    Zodiac AIO Crafting


    - Advanced Anti ban
    - Works every where and will automatically find closest bank

    -Stop script at desired level.
    -Chose the efficiency you want the script to work at.

    -Stop script after X amount of hours. 


    Supported methods 

    - Cutting gems
    - Item spinning
    -Making silver/gold jewelry
    - Armour crafting
    -Bird house crafting
    -Making battle staffs

    Mule support soon !!


    QuickStart parameters
     -script "script name" -params "path to saved settings file" 
     -script "Zodiac AIO Crafting"  -params  "C:/ Users / {User} / {Saved file location } / ZodiacCrafting.json"




    Realistic username fingerprinted AFK timings:

    We've included personalized and adjustable AFK times. Can AFK between 10 seconds and 5 minutes. Efficiency determines how often it goes AFK by controlling the % of time the script should remain active.

    Customized mouse paths:

    We also have supplied our own mouse algorithm for our script. We only have a few right now, but soon we will have more than enough tested and ready so thousands of accounts will each have their own unique mouse path. 

    Some cool details for math nerds:
    We choose 3 random numbers between 0 and 1. Using those three numbers we plug them into a parametric equation, and  we use a machine learning process to modify that  parametric math equation that  it mimic human movement in both the shape of the mouse path, and timing of a human mouse path. To show you what I mean you can look at this sample mouse path equation! (press the play buttons it'll animate!!!!, also we don't use this exact equation! but the real ones are similar/better) https://www.desmos.com/calculator/nqblbf1qah

    The equations we generate using a machine learning process take a long time to create, and are unique and human-like by all metrics i could account for but once they are it's very computationally efficient to generate an individual path. 

    Screen "fiddler":

    Lastly we have our antiban that fiddles with the screen,.camera, world hopping, idle mouse movement both inside and outside the screen, and many more. This is currently personalized to each account. So differing accounts will have different frequencies that they call the antiban function AND each account has its own preference for what interaction with they client they choose to do for  the antiban.


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    On 8/7/2021 at 5:45 PM, lecrolad97 said:

    When setting to cut gems, it opens banks and takes out the already cut sapphires. Then gets stuck trying to cut them in inventory.

    Hello , i will take a look at it shortly , thank you for reporting .

    sorry it took so long to reply , but as you know crafting is still in beta 🙂

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    10 hours ago, Stardew1195 said:

    Hello man, nice script. I have a problem when choose to craft ruby neclace the bot grabs amulet mould

    Hello , thanks for the report , ill have a look at it shortly 

    Edited by Hosfad
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    Great for free - really good anti-ban measures. Immediately impressed by the numerous waits as well as their randomness - best script in this department bar none. A little inefficient but that's humans, and definitely me. Was pretty good at the efficiency i had it set at - but at lower efficiencies, it seems to hang on afk for large spans of time - sometimes even swapping between 120, 88, and 0 seconds.

    Some of the mouse movements execute much too fast though - bank-to-furnace transition and stuff like that. Even with 1% mouse speed on fresh start. Still I think there's a lot of general best practice here, and I'm confident you'll get those kinds of things ironed out so. A+, 10/10 for free and beta.

    Still, probably gonna drop on #'s scripts - after trying one, just. Dayum. Wish for more customization but for me antiban comes first.

    Edited by asmodeusx
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    • Hosfad changed the title to Zodiac AIO Crafting

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