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  • SDN Scripts Scheduled For Removal [ACTION REQUIRED]


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    Update: The listed scripts below have been removed from the SDN.

    Hello everyone,

    One very interesting use of our new(ish) anonymous SDN script usage data is the ability to identify non-functioning or scripts that are having issues with actual users. This is a much stronger signal that something is wrong when compared to user reports (even though most users won't even go through the trouble!).

    This is our first small scheduled removal, but I plan on doing this periodically as it's easier than ever to find broken scripts.

    If your script is listed below and you'd like it to remain, please fix it and send in a compile request before the scheduled removal date, and post a reply to this thread saying that you've fixed it. As a reminder, if you're a Scripter+, you MUST have at least one free script on the SDN to remain a Scripter+ and to continue selling your premium scripts.

    Scripts Now Removed:

    Scripts removed from store and SDN:

    Due to these scripts being paid scripts, I've taken immediate action to remove them from the store and SDN.


    Keeping our SDN clear of no longer functioning scripts is vital to health of our SDN, and I hope all of you continue to report broken scripts so our staff can take a look.


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    14 hours ago, Hashtag said:

    # Cooking has been updated🙂


    4 hours ago, Neffarion said:

    Inventory Maid is fixed after the compile request gets accepted

    Removed from the post, thanks!

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    Removing them all today instead as it seems like none of the scripters have been online since the original post. If your script was removed and you'd like it back, just send in a new compile request whenever you get it fixed up :) 

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