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    This project will now be released publicly! See here:



    I've been writing bots for various games over the years but the covid crisis unfortunately gave me a reason and motivation to start a serious gold farm - my private student loans at UC Berkeley have become unavailable as a result of the pandemic and as an international student there is no alternative. I'll take this as my last shot of staying in the U.S, but I'll spare you the details about me and leave them at the bottom for those who are interested.




    • Custom Framework                                                                        [07/18/2020] 
    • Bot Network Database                                                                   [07/31/2020]
    • Python Bot Manager                                                                       [08/01/2020] 
    • RAM Upgrade (32 GB)                                                                    [08/13/2020]
    • Scale to 30 Accounts                                                                     [09/16/2020]
    • Automated Muling                                                                          [09/20/2020]
    • Dev Tools Script                                                                              [10/01/2020]
    • Scale to 60 Accounts                                                                     [03/20/2021]
    • Scale to 140 Accounts                                                                   [03/23/2021]


    • Implicit Antipattern                                                                          [07/20/2020]
    • Custom Mouse Algorithm                                                              [07/22/2020]
    • Custom Interactions                                                                        [07/23/2020]
    • Custom Break Algorithm                                                                [07/27/2020]
    • Improved Player Evasion                                                                [08/04/2020] 
    • Multifactor Reaction Timing                                                          [08/12/2020]
    • Account Specific Behavioral Patterns                                          [08/13/2020]
    • Gaussian Walking                                                                            [08/20/2020]
    • Gaussian Entity Interactions                                                          [08/21/2020]
    • Multithreaded Action Handling                                                     [09/04/2020]


    • F2P Training Module (to total level 330)                                     [07/25/2020]
    • Melee Training Module (ATT/STR/DEF to 99)                            [07/28/2020]
    • Cooking Training Module (to level 99)                                         [07/30/2020]
    • Magic Training Module (to level 99)                                            [08/24/2020]
    • Ranged Training Module (to level 99)                                          [08/25/2020]
    • Prayer Training Module (to level 44)                                            [08/26/2020]
    • 1st Profit Module                                                                            [09/06/2020]
    • Woodcutting Training Module (to level 70)                                [09/18/2020]
    • Slayer Training Module (to level 40)                                            [09/28/2020]
    • Crafting Training Module (to level 77)                                         [09/28/2020]
    • 15 Quests Implemented                                                                [09/30/2020]
    • Fletching Training Module (to level 30)                                       [10/03/2020]
    • Agility Training Module (to level 60)                                            [10/06/2020]
    • 20 Quests Implemented                                                                [10/06/2020]
    • 30 Quests Implemented                                                                [10/16/2020]
    • 40 Quests Implemented                                                                [10/26/2020]
    • Pest Control Module                                                                      [10/28/2020]
    • Smithing Training Module (to level 99)                                       [11/02/2020]
    • Herblore Training Module (to level 99)                                       [11/11/2020]
    • Firemaking Training Module (to level 99)                                   [11/12/2020]
    • 2nd Profit Module                                                                           [12/14/2020]
    • 50 Quests Implemented                                                                [12/27/2020]
    • Mining Training Module (to level 99)                                           [12/28/2020]
    • 60 Quests Implemented                                                                [01/01/2021]
    • 70 Quests Implemented                                                                [01/10/2021]
    • Fishing Training Module (to level 99)                                          [01/11/2021]
    • Thieving Training Module (to level 99)                                        [01/11/2021]
    • 80 Quests Implemented                                                                [01/13/2021]
    • Construction Training Module (to level 99)                                [01/14/2021]
    • 90 Quests Implemented                                                                [01/18/2021]
    • Prayer Training Module (to level 99)                                           [01/23/2021]
    • 100 Quests Implemented                                                             [01/24/2021]
    • 3rd Profit Module                                                                           [02/22/2021]
    • 110 Quests Implemented                                                             [03/02/2021]
    • Farming Training Module (to level 40)                                        [03/08/2021]     
    • 1 Diary Implemented                                                                     [03/09/2021]
    • 2 Diaries Implemented                                                                  [03/10/2021]
    • Slayer Training Module (to level 99)         
    • ... more soon!

    Status         (03/23/2021)

    Skill Modules:                 24

    Quest Modules:             111

    Diary Modules:                  2

    Profit Modules:                 3

    Active Accounts:           140

    Banned Accounts:           6

    Total Profit:                    ???

    Lines of Code:             123.2k


    The Project

    I'm planning to take a slightly less conventional approach; I've written a custom mouse algorithm for Dreambot (involving Bernstein polynomials for those who are familiar) and a node based framework around the Dreambot API to speed up productivity. The fact that the client collects mouse position data every 50ms and sends it to the server led me to believe that Jagex is utilizing some sort of machine learning algorithm behind the scenes to match the mouse movement of a player to the pattern of a certain public botting client to catch more sophisticated bots (especially considering the people that Jagex has hired over the years), but this is pure speculation.

    The bots themselves will train a random rotation of all skills and quests, and include certain money making methods into this rotation once the requirements for them are fulfilled. They will buy, sell, and mule items automatically as needed. I'm going to write all scripts (or rather, all modules of the single rotation script) personally to ensure quality and to avoid matching the patterns of public/premium scripts.

    I will update the status of the farm daily and write a detailed update for major changes.


    About Me

    I'm 23 years old, from Germany, and have been studying Engineering for 2 years in California. I have a self-taught background in Computer Science, consisting mostly of C++, Python, Angular, and primitive machine learning, but my dream has always been to work in Aerospace Engineering. A few months ago I got selected for a transfer to UC Berkeley for Aerospace, but I am not eligible for any student loans due to the covid situation and the fact that I am not a US Citizen. I'll be working 12 hours a day on this project for the next month - either I will start generating profit, or I will have to forfeit my U.S visa and return home. My botting projects in the past have been focused on online poker, but unlike OSRS, the challenge in poker bots lies more so in automating the task efficiently rather than avoiding bans so I will have to make some adjustments to my process.

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    This is awesome dude, I should had made a post about this when I did similar.  OSRS botting and a lot of hustling paid for a majority of my college.  While in school I took a lot of rich kids exams and did their homework alongside buying and selling used hardware for a profit.  Lots of ways to make a buck you got this!

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    I wish you the best of luck, I'm actually doing something similar. I started botting WoW a month ago and was doing F2P to get back into botting starting about 2 weeks ago. I haven't been doing it seriously but starting yesterday I've decided to try to get to the point that I can pay my bills with it since I'm not longer working.

    I haven't worked since January, I work remotely with my work being based out of China so I lost work months before we did here in the U.S. I have a decent amount of money saved up but I'd like to not spend it. 

    Now that the DB3 beta is out for Scripters I'm working on rewriting all of my scripts to slowly scale up my farm, I don't really want to invest any money into right now besides buying VIP again in a few days. I've rewritten a lot of my antiban stuff and custom walking methods, etc. so far but I don't have any actual scripts yet, I started a climbing boots buyer a couple hours ago and that'll be what I run on my first 5 or so accounts just to generate some currency for bonds while I write my bigger scripts.

    I spent the last week working on a big F2P script that will get 10 quest points with random quests, do random skills until it hits 100 total level, and do various things to reach the 20 hour time limit for restrictions to be lifted but I think I'm just going to stop working on that for a while seeing how you could probably sell those accounts for 1m ea but in the 20 hours it takes to make it I could make 5-10m+ per account doing P2P stuff.

    I only need about $600 a month to pay for everything and have a small bit left over to pay for my WoW sub for the bot, VIP, and get the occasional other game, etc. so it shouldn't be too hard to reach.

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    Thanks for all the positive feedback :)

    Just finished up another quest module after expanding the questing side of my framework. The scaffolding should be complete for now and I'll hopefully be able to add game content smoothly and at a faster pace from here.

    My greatest worry at the moment is avoiding bans due to the time investment that will go into each account. I set up a whole stack of new accounts to get them rested for at least a week while finishing up more parts of the script. Also played around with several proxy providers over the past week and how Jagex reacts to them with test accounts, and I seem to have found a favorite. Hopefully I'll be able to keep dodging the banhammer for a while longer.

    @Cystic Sounds like you got quite a few projects going on. I've been curious about WoW and similar games' bots for a while now since there doesn't seem to be any clean way to access the game state like in OSRS, but never looked much into it. Hopefully you don't have to rely on image recognition though - I recall writing an OCR based bot for EVE a long time ago and it ended up being a beautiful mess. Best of luck to you as well!


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    5 hours ago, SubCZ said:

    @Cystic Sounds like you got quite a few projects going on. I've been curious about WoW and similar games' bots for a while now since there doesn't seem to be any clean way to access the game state like in OSRS, but never looked much into it. Hopefully you don't have to rely on image recognition though - I recall writing an OCR based bot for EVE a long time ago and it ended up being a beautiful mess. Best of luck to you as well!

    Actually that's exactly what I do lmao, I don't have to but I just have a fishing bot right now so it's not a big deal. It was a lot faster to make it using image rec for something small like that. I still make a few hundred gold a day just doing that though. I don't have any plans to scale it up right now anyway.

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    Curious to know if you have any bans at the moment, as I have created custom breaks and added a ton of randomness to my bots but I can never FULLY not get banned. Sure my bots last a lot longer but they end up getting banned after a week or maybe even a month. Though i ONLY bot on the accounts and never play them legitimate at any point in time. 

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