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CronFighter AIO - Fights anything!

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Update 0.2:

* improved the speed and CPU use of the script
* Dedicated magic support!
* Leveling task system will be added for the other styles in 0.3 ;) 
* Will add staff switching on level task in the next revision

-> Pending on the SDN


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8 hours ago, musulmanny said:

really great loot system, thinking on adding burying bones ?

Added to the to-do list, along with the option of alching certain drops :) 

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Great script man, appreciate you putting the beta out here for free! I've been looking for another good fighting script to run alongside Kingfighter and I think I've found it! A couple little hangups I noticed:

- When player eats his last food but the NPC is still alive and brings players HP below the "eat threshold", the script gets stuck and doesn't head to bank for food until prompted closer to the bank. 

-Script doesnt like to be stopped and started again, when I use it, I always make sure to have a fresh reboot of Dreambot so the start up succeeds. At least for me, if I have Dreambot open for a while running other scripts, then try to switch to Cron, it gets stuck on the bootup unless I restart Dreambot. 

I'm sure some of this has been mentioned before, but I hope this helps in your further optimizing of this script! Love it, thanks again.  

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Another day, another update was pushed :) 

- Added more optimisations so that CronFighter may be started after another script has ran (Thanks @beefsteak)
- Yet another cleanup on memory hogging functions
- Added dedicated melee support with a task level system! Train up your melee skills in a certain order
- More I probably don't remember 😛 

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On 4/26/2020 at 9:39 AM, Ohmu944 said:

Solid script! Started it on pretty fresh f2p account. Still running.



Thanks for the proggy, that's huge :D

Maybe i'll start a little progress report competition, with a free copy as the price :D 

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