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  • yeeter01's top infused/flavored cigars


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          I am a huge fan of sitting on my porch and smoking a cigar after wanting to die all day at work.  Good way to just sit back and chill for 45-60 minutes with a book, whisky, beer, or when debugging some jank ass code I was handed before leaving work.  Friend asked me for suggestions on flavored or infused cigars so thought id copy paste it here as well.  Not here to debate smoking health risk and benefits do that research and make your own judgments your self.


    Java Mint by Drew Estate

          This is my go to cigar usually in robusto but they offer smaller and larger versions depending on the length of smoke you are looking for.  As the name states this is a coffee and mint flavored cigar.  Best way to describe it is drop a few mint candies in some hot coffee and boom!  Most sites/stores will say this stick is medium bodied but I personally believe it leans more towards the light/medium side of things.  Girlfriend has said a few times she can pick up some vanilla notes in it as well. 

          Price wise definitely a tad above average (5$-8$) these clock in around 9$-10$ a stick depending on bulk discounts or deals.  Extremely popular stick and can be found at most local cigar shops easily.


          All of these are other solid suggestions that I smoke fairly often and would recommend people try at least once.

    Java by Drew Estate

          Does my top pick sound great but you hate mint?  Well luckily Drew Estate has you covered!  Exactly the same stick as above minus the mint tones.  My go to size is robusto but again with it is offered in a large variety of sizes.  Price was again with a tad above average clocking in around 9$-10$ a stick depending on bulk discounts, deals, and where you buy it.  Again with this can be found in almost all local shops and definitely all online stores. 

    Cafe Espresso by NUB

          If you can't see my bias towards coffee flavored cigars by now just know it is extremely real.  This stick by NUB of the 3 I have talked about so far is easily the best smoke with a morning or evening coffee.  I personally prefer the Cafe Espresso but it should be noted it comes in Cappuccino and Macchiato as well to match whatever your drink of choice is.  This also goes great with whisky and some crackers.  This is definitely more of a full bodied cigar so people looking for that this is the one.  Out of all of these the NUB series is generally a shorter smoke due to only being 4in.  Most places only carry the 4x60 but I believe you can find other sizing's at online retailers.  These come in at usually 6$-8$ a stick.

    ACID by Drew Estate

          Now it wouldn't be a flavored cigar list if ACID wasn't listed on it somewhere.  These come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and options.  I don't have one single favorite acid cigar but I would suggest for starters the ACID Kuba Kuba.  You can find these at EVERY cigar shop.  Drew Estate refuses to publish the actual flavoring so its up for your own interpretation.  They come in full sized cigars all the way down to the c-note cigarillos so they have something for everyone size wise.  Price ranges way to much to list but they have stuff in every price range.  If you are newer to cigar smoking I highly suggest just picking up a Kuba Kuba its generally a safe bet to ease your way into the cigar scene.  Light bodied, smooth, packed full of sweet flavors but not to the point it covers up the base tobacco.  Lot of cigar snobs might shit on Acid for being too artificial but overall they are a safe bet to hand to anyone and they will enjoy it.


          These were just a few of the ones I smoke regularly, if you learn more towards the liquor side of things I have smoked a few really good ones but they were from local manufactures so I am not sure if you can actually purchase those online.  


          Didn't link any online stores on purpose, not trying to advertise any online websites because I HIGHLY suggest visiting your local cigar shops if you are interested in purchasing anything.  Most non chain brand stores are locally owned and the workers are passionate about their jobs.  They will happily point you in the right direction for you pallet and be able to give more insight on the cigars you are interested in compared to me a general hobbyist.   

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    2 hours ago, Cystic said:

    I've never smoked a cigar but it's a pretty cool post. Wish I was as fancy as Yeeter to have a list of top cigars.

    Thinking I am fancy is the wrong direction to take this post lmao.  Cigar smoking is a hobby I can do while doing other hobbies. Fishing, reading, yardwork, programming etc. Might as well enjoy it more with a cigar lol. 

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    15 minutes ago, yeeter01 said:

    Thinking I am fancy is the wrong direction to take this post lmao.  Cigar smoking is a hobby I can do while doing other hobbies. Fishing, reading, yardwork, programming etc. Might as well enjoy it more with a cigar lol. 

    That's true. Was just salty that I can't participate :(

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    6 minutes ago, Cystic said:

    I know absolutely nothing about cigars :(

    Lol walk into any local cigar shop and I assure you they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.  At my local shop I've met people who frequently don't know what they smoke. They just walk in and ask for the shop owner recommendations and trust his choices lol. 

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