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#1 MAGIC Refund

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#1 Magic


A week ago purchased, Monday/Tues ish.


Thread URL above.


Attemped contact on that page:  Well, Im not the only one apparently, my proof:

Other complaints / KNOWN workarounds?! Uh, no. Not for 9 months, update your stuff?!?!?!?!?

Posted by karlant, December 6, 2018

I found a very specific workaround: if I use the launcher, set mousespeed to four, and use the item in the bottom left corner of the inv, Camelot telealch works perfectly, and generates 110k+.   If any of these things change, it just doesn't work properly.   Thanks for the input

A temporary fix for telealching.

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  On 8/10/2019 at 9:11 PM, Integral said:

If you try your alching part of the script, you'll see that right after you click the alch spell, the mouse will move a bit to click the alching item. It never used to be like this until a spellbook update that moved the spell layout. The thing is that you still can click alch and click the item without having to move the mouse. Now I've never scripted here before but I suspect you're using a built in method that presses the alch spell and another method that clicks the relevant inventory position.

I've attached 2 pictures to illustrate what I mean. The white circles indicate the same spot where the mouse resides after clicking the alch spell. If you click on the white spot, you won't have the extra mouse movement to click the item like there is now. Just make the script click the alch spell where the the white circle is and have it immediately click again.





Full refund, Poor script management. Faulty, poor execution.

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Hey, I've pushed an update that adds the option for additional sleep when alching. This should fix any issues with inconsistent alching with different types of machines and internet connections. However, the update is not currently available yet, because at the moment I can't approve the update. I'll inform you when it's live.

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