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[MAKE MONEY REFERRING CLIENTS] www.crazy.gold Affiliate Program

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I'm super excited to announce our affiliate program!
I've been around on sythe since 2007, sold the first 50 accounts(since then we sold over 1600 on osrs alone) i had in 2010, sold 500m in 2008, i've been on playerauctions since 2011, had a staking team (hired people to stake for me, and create a team) in 2013
I've been involved in many profitable and legitimate in the rs space. Now our team consists of over 10 people and we are working to work with you!
We are already working with some people, that are referring clients to us, but wanted to open it to everyone interested.
What we pay:
5% commission on accounts, 7% on powerleveling
To prove you referred the person you must supply us with a line you said to get him to come to our website - www.crazy.gold and his payment information (his paypal email etc, so we can link the client to your referring lead)
Contact me at niki@crazy.gold regarding that
an example you can use is to say some of our best selling products, like:
199.8$ = 99atk 99str 99def 99hp MAXED MAIN
40atk 99str 1def 99range 298.8$
40atk 90str 1def 90range 159.8$
1atk 99str 1def 298.8$
We don't encourage spam, the idea of traffic channels is mostly word of mouth, if you have friends that are interested in buying an account from a trusted seller, or if you sell gold, but not accounts and powerleveling, you can monetize your leads
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