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RSInfinity [beta] - RS Exploration script

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Welcome To RSInfinity!



With this script I plan to implement a wide range of tools and features that will make the botting experience more manageable, secure, and enjoyable. Imagine a script where you could type in you desired stats (or items/gp), and it would auto-magically find the best possible activities to reach ur goal (Factoring in reasons such as exp/hr and profit/hr) . This is the goal of RSInfinity. Infinity will include a diverse set of activities designed to work together in order to create any type of stats/items you want. Your RS bot will have the freedom to go wherever, whenever.






  - Reward/Requirement System: A system used to determine which items/Skills are needed in order to perform ea task. This allows the script to decide which activities it can run from a given list. For example, say you setup RSInfinity to run Fishing, and cooking. RSInfinity would only run cooking when it has the required fish. Another more complex applicatoin would be creating Air BattleStaves from scratch. (Buy Staves from shop -> Smelt glass -> Craft air orbs -> Power Air orbs -> Craft Air Staves -> Possibly alch staves)


 - Reward /Requirement Tracker: Tracks all Item/Skill Rewards 


 - Quick/Manual mode: In Quick mode all you have to do is pick your activities and options. In manual mode you can schedule goals.


 - Goal Scheduling: Schedule scripts to run for x number of time, resources, or xp.


 - Reflex System: This system is implemented into each activity that the script performs, for example: banking, walking, talking to an npc etc. Basically, each activity will have a certain average reflex time that it take for the bot to react to changes in the game. This simulates the way a player doesn't pay 100% attention to a tree, and wont click it as soon as it spawns. This has all been completed, however I am currently gathering human reflex times to base the script off of.




The Known World:



AIO looter/picker.

=resources: potato ToAdd: limp roots, Snape Grazz


Store buyer:  

=stores: all of the ones in port Sarim ToAdd: Suggestions?


Item Combiner: 

=recipes:Tuna potatoes, Anchovy/Pineapple pizza


Water filler:

=Water Sources: Varrock Fountain, Edgeville Well



=Ranges: Al Kharid, Varrock West, Edgeville, Camelot



=Areas: Draynor, Barbarian Village, Catherby To Add: Fishing guild

=fishes: All of 'em!



=Areas: Draynor, Edgeville, Varrock East/West To Add: Catherby/Seers

=Trees: Regular, Oak, Willow, Yews



= Cuts/ Strings : (Regular, Oak, Willow, Yews)


Progress reports:












- Efficiency - As the code-base continues to expand i'm pushing the limits of my script. I'll have to do some serious engine work if I want to keep the project manageable and running smoothly.

- New RS Activities  :)

  Next up is fletching (To compliment WC), and crafting/ magic.

-  Make UI more attractive (Also, allow users to re-open GUI for addition setting adjustment)

-  ==DATA COLLECTION== for activities 

- Improved AntiBans:
Separate Camera thread, w/ Focus system.
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Omg, this is amazing. Thanks for releasing :)


Are you taking suggestions for additions?

Yes, Big-time. Rite now I've already got an idea for the next 3 activities i'd like to add in, however I do still need lots of data and suggestions to fill in the possibilities the current activities contain. (Example more recipes for item combiner such as soft clay, wines, More shops for item buyer, etc.) Once the ball gets rolling i'll be looking forward to fulfilling all of my botters' desires.


Also i'm pleased to announce that the script will remain free throughout beta testing.

Edited by DefCon

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This looks amazing. Got me excited now lol



Wow great this is great!

My users have always been the most important to me.Now that i'e got all my creations under one framework i think I should be able to focus on core features better. Ill be sure to keep my ear to the street and keep in touch w/ my users'  desires.


Enjoy, leave feedback, and stay tuned :)

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