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  • [$6.99] Manly Fisher PRO || AIO Fisher | Fish ANYWHERE | Shift Dropping | Banking | Barbarian Fishing | MINNOW FISHING | SACRED EELS | ANTIBAN


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    What makes this different from the 'non-pro' version?


    My free fisher was one of the first scripts I ever wrote for DB, and even then, I ported it from another client.

    By rewriting the script, I am proud to present the PRO version of the script which is faster, more efficient, uses less system resources and has a different 'pattern' compared to the free version of the script. A brand new appealing GUI which also supports the 'Small Net' option which my free version does not.

    This means that I can add new modes/locations easily to the script. Therefore, I have included minnow fishing + sacred eel support in this script.



    • Can be used at any location with any fishing spots including barbarian fishing
    • GUI to select fishing method + mode
    • Doesn't drop/bank other items in your inventory
    • Antiban - random camera movements, random mouse movements.
    • Running away when in combat
    • Is able to return back to the start point if it gets lost.
    • Paint with time running, status, xp per hour, xp gained, current level, levels gained, time till level, fish caught and fish caught per hour.
    • Banking
    • Stops when out of feathers/bait and logs out.
    • Shift dropping
    • Minnow support - just select MINNOW under mode and start the script (ignore the other options).
    • Sacred Eels Support - just select SACRED_EEL under mode and start the script (ignore the other options). Have a knife in your inventory as well as the fishing rod.




    • Start script logged in near the location of where you want to fish - this will be the start tile.
    • Make sure you have the items you want to fish with in your inventory e.g. if you want to fish salmon, have a fly fishing rod and feathers in your inventory.
    • If the bot gets lost, it will return to the location where you started the script
    • Select your options in the GUI.



    • Banking can mess up for some locations due to the DB Web. For example, banking monkfish may not work.
    • If the script is stuck on a full inventory and it can't drop fish, enable shift dropping manually in the game.





    Get your 1 hour trial as soon as you want it by pressing 'Try' on the script in the SDN!

    You can also use the free version which is simpler 'Manly Fisher'




    Price: $6.99 One Time Purchase


    Purchase Here:


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    • Manly changed the title to [$6.99] Manly Fisher PRO || AIO Fisher | Fish ANYWHERE | Shift Dropping | Banking | Barbarian Fishing | MINNOW FISHING | SACRED EELS | ANTIBAN

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