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    1. It is possible to leave this script alone with auto progress enabled and it will automatically go to the best course available. However, make sure to read the bugs section to see where auto progress will not work. Courses supported: Gnome Stronghold Draynor Varrock Canafis Falador Seers' Village Need accounts with high agility levels to add more courses. PM me. Instructions: Make sure you have not started the course yet or you have just finished an obstacle Choose your course in the GUI and whether you want to bank for
    2. Manly Chopper AIO Woodcutting Script includes dropping, shift dropping, banking, bird's nests Features: Supports any tree, any location. Supports all web banks and (shift) dropping logs. Works in a confined area. Walks back to woodcutting area if no trees found nearby. Bird nest looting Flawless Doesn't bank/drop axe. Paint Quick start GUI Instructions: You will need to set the script's settings via quick start or using the GUI. When banking, it will go to the cl
    3. Overview B14's Potato Farmer is a simple script that focuses on player and ban evasion using simple functions to increase the usage of this script and reduce the possibility of your bot account being detected or flagged. Features Player evasion functionality If a player comes near your while you are farming potatoes, you will automatically evade the player by swapping worlds. This is to reduce the chance of you being reported/detected. World hopping This script will automatically hop between 50 low activity worlds when necessary World limits
    4. Intro: Hi, I'm Nex, I've been making rs scripts for over 4 years. I can code anything rs related. I have coded a personal fully operational bot farm and have made well over 500 private scripts. I do both Discord and osrs scripts. I'm open for any request! Contact: Discord: https://discord.gg/sSFqZJ5 Pricing: Will be discussed depending on the feature's T.O.S. -1. You cannot cancel a ongoing order. -2. You will provide a valid "tester" account with supplies. -3. I will offer bug fixes but add-ons and extra's will cost you. -4. You will pay 100% of the script pr
    5. Hello, I just paid for VIP and a script with BTC. However, that was an hour ago. I sent the BTC to the address given, resulting in a green checkmark that brought me back to my orders page. Nothing has changed since then and the order is still awaiting payment. The payment was sent a little over an hour ago. Btc payments should occur within 10-20 mins, i think . I got confirmation email after BTCPay Invoice said my transaction went through. Image of my payment withdrawal from my wallet. https://imgur.com/a/WrADCxl Image of my confirmation email stating it should take about 15 min
    6. Hey. Can't get my mind over it. How to switch killing and looting cases logically with the getState(). Right know its something like this. private State getState() { if (!Players.localPlayer().isInCombat() && rats.contains(Players.localPlayer())) { return State.LOOKINGFORMOB; } else if(Players.localPlayer().isInCombat() && rats.contains(Players.localPlayer())){ return State.KILLING; } return state; } But how would i switch it to looting.
    7. Hi! I'm really not familiar in any way with runescape scripting, which is pretty different with what I know about java (web dev) so I'm willing to pay a decent amount for a simple Banana Picking script (~220Kgp/h). I wish to know where a good place to hire scripters are please. Can't stand public scripts, they get detected pretty often (at least what I think)
    8. Imagine a bot that you could run 8 hours a day everyday with reduced chances of bans. Would it be possible to make a script that made your character in game act like some NPC's in video games do. I'm talking about a schedule. You give the bot either a list of things to do, have it create a schedule at random from a list of provided tasks. If the bot moves from one thing to another like how many players do it would reduce its chance of being banned right? Also instead of simply standing idle when it is moving from one task to another maybe it could have sub tasks. I am betw
    9. Status: Currently unavailable. Reopened 11/30/2020. Hello, now that I have some more free time and with the release of DB3 I've decided to give this a try again. TOS: I can decline any order I don't like or want to work on. I will not use or resell your private script. I will work on all the features described by you. I will maintain your private script for 1 month for free. This only includes bug fixes, no additional features will be added. I will need an account to work on the script and test/maintain it. I will try to give you an accurate
    10. Just getting into scripting, okay-ish knowledge about JAVA. Second attempt at a combat script. Did not get this problem with the first one. Cross-checked and couldn't find any diff. Code snippet: The error: Pretty sure the return value of getState() is not null. Any help will be much appreciated!
    11. What is git? Git is a version control system for files. It can be used for an array of things but is most commonly used with programming. Some media companies use git as a way to revise, edit, and archive written articles before publishing them. Git allows for easy version control, feature management, and collaboration with other developers. Where to get git? You can download git from here -> https://git-scm.com/ download and install it for your desired operating system. If you are running linux sometimes it is preinstalled so I would check that. Getting Started
    12. so currently i am 71 thieving and its getting slow. I am seeing in a youtube guide that the fastest way is to do blackjacking. I searched up it on the forums and it was some progress just wondering if it is done or people still working on it.
    13. Essentially I'm just looking for the best script on this site for full lvl 1 stat accounts to grind gold that I can xfer to my main on osrs.
    14. So basically anytime i start any script the mouse moves real quick then just kinda circles a little area forever and never actually does anything, any suggestions?
    15. Hello to you all, As I have state in many other forum posts on this website, I am fairly new to the concept of scripting. I experimented with powerbot in the past for EoC, but since that was realized I stopped playing and only recently have picked up RS07 again because it brings back memories and many of my friends decided to give it a shot again as well. As far as private scripting goes, I am looking for a private script that only I would use, as well as my roommate who is VIP with Dreambot as well. I firstly wanted to get some pricing, and mainly to see if the script request I am a
    16. The script will not do anything, it clicks anywhere but the target for me. Also in the script user interface, you cannot click on the options to change clicking or whatnot, so this could be part of my issue as well. I ran the script for 18 minutes and received maybe 400 experience and about 42 range tickets, which by playing manually I found to be completely abnormal. This is a paid script, and seeing that I paid for it I would love to see it fixed so that I might be able to utilize it in the future. Thanks so much. EDIT: It seems to be the mouse that is so buggy. It will just
    17. Hey guys pretty much just what the title says, just requesting a pest control script but do not have the ability to pay for a private one atm as ive been tight on real life expenses. I would appreciate it very much and im sure the community would too. Thanks Guys
    18. Hi all, so i just tried loading the free flax picker script, and it just loaded the script selector menu and lagged and lagged, never started up the script, and crashed the client.
    19. so sleepUntil.. let's say I ahve this //If the player is fishing. if (getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == 621) { //sleep until te player is idle or 2000 sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == -1, 2000); } If 2 seconds pass will it run the if (getLocalPlayer().getAnimation() == 621) again? Or just keep moving down to the next line of code?
    20. So I am trying to fish but it doesnt seem to want to work, never done a fishing script before so not sure how to find a fishing spot if its a entity or a gameobject. This is what I have so far and it finds a spot but it wont start fishing, thats because Im not telling it to but it doesnt even get to the log("IT WORKS RUN TO IT BOY!"); part. It just keeps looping through log("Found a new one!"); What am I doing wrong here and what is the proper way of doing this? log("Looking for the closest fishing spot"); //this will find the closest game object that isn't null (it's fisha
    21. i tried to buy a script and it just came up as an error. tried on alot more scripts and just all the same error
    22. Im looking for a script to run at the warriors guild on the shot put for pure strength xp. any1 got one for this !!! bassically drink super energy potion 1 click, 1 click on shot putt , 1 click on type of throw and repeat. and of course bank down stairs refill on super energy pots and back upstairs. pretty simple . Let me know.
    23. 1. Script purchased: Dream Hunter 2. Date of purchase: 3/21/17 3. Detailed description of problem: Caught 7 chins in 15 minutes, traps disappear faster than the script could pick them up ​4. Proof of attempted scripter contact (screenshots only): http://tinypic.com/r/w0jkzr/9 5. Proof of script issue(s) (screenshot/gif/video): http://tinypic.com/r/fjqfz7/9 http://tinypic.com/r/9ktkbm/9 6. Desired outcome: Problem(s) fixed / Refund / Script swap (from same scripter): refund of $8.99 paypal
    24. MrRobot

      What to bot?

      What is a good f2p money maker that will make good profit at lvl 3 ran w multiple accounts and good scripting! I can code any script, and i will love to share if a good method is suggested!
    25. hey, i need a script ported is anyone known with those isseus? im willing to pay for the help contact me trough inbox -Klaas ps. got it fixed
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