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    Found 3 results

    1. Quality Scripts ⭐ Rapid Delivery ⭐ Free Patches ⭐ Cheap Upgrades ⚙️ SHOP STATUS: OPEN (Light Queue) Light Queue: The amount of received requests at this moment is light, therefore a quicker delivery is more favorable. Heavy Queue: The amount of received requests at this moment is a lot, therefore a late delivery may be factored. 📜 SCRIPTER 📜 INFORMATION Hi! I'm Adam! I'm an engineering student who loves programming. I've been scripting here at DreamBot since 2019 (since registration) and in my time here I've made a lot of scripts. I've been in the RuneScape underground scene since 2011, starting from RSPSs to Creating Updaters and Clients. for an extra and wider look about me: Click Here To Visit Defiled.Dev 🤝🏿 Dealing with me is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 🤝🏿 1) 💭 We discuss the product & agree on a price. 2) 💰 You pay 50% - 100% (Depending on Price & Previous Orders) of the product's agreed-on price before work commences. 3) 🚚 After proof of product completion is shown by me, you pay the remaining amount (if any) and the product gets delivered to you. 🛠️ Updates & Additions 🛠️ - 1 Month of Free Bug Fixes and Debugging with every private script purchase. - 25% lifetime discounted rate on script additions. 💰 Payment Method(s) 💰 Cryptocurrency: BTC, XRP, USDT 🎮 OSRS GP [Current Rate = 0.473/M] 🎮 💵 PayPal Friends & Family 💵 💬 CONTACT 💬 Defiled#0140 through Discord
    2. Status: Currently unavailable. Reopened 11/30/2020. Hello, now that I have some more free time and with the release of DB3 I've decided to give this a try again. TOS: I can decline any order I don't like or want to work on. I will not use or resell your private script. I will work on all the features described by you. I will maintain your private script for 1 month for free. This only includes bug fixes, no additional features will be added. I will need an account to work on the script and test/maintain it. I will try to give you an accurate price before I start working on the script, based on the described features. In some cases, when I'm not too familiar with the method, I might charge more or less, depending on how long it takes me to finish the script. Most of the time I will require a payment in advance. If I fail to deliver the script for whatever reason, the full amount will be refunded to you. *If your script idea is related to quests: I will not work on custom quests, I'd rather add them to my SDN quester instead. However if my SDN quester supports the required quest and you own the SDN quester, I can work on your request. *I won't work on anything shady (selling off banks - phishing, scamming) or account creation (the process itself).
    3. note: i will be brutaly honest i do not care if the scripter gets a bad name from a bad review my goal is for them to either remove the script or fix it when i write a bad review (if they fix the script i wil review it again and if i think its good i will say its good) What will i be judging on? Forum post: 1. Price vs realistic profit 2. How realistic is what's said in the forum post about the script compared to the actual script (example insane high profit/hr advertising) 3. Does the scripter respond to any possible bug reports? Script: 1. Profit/hr (i will do enough research + runtime on the bot to get a good view on the avarage of this) 2. Did i find any bugs and how much is the impact of the bugs on the script 3 Banrate (i will not always be reviewing this since i simply won't be able to test it enough with some high requirement scripts since i don't wanna risk alot of money on it) conclusion: if you think i should be judging script on some other things aswell or i shoudn't judge on some certain things please comment it planning on doing my first review tonight still looking for a script todo so on tho Suggest me scripts to review (comment on a script's name + maker of the script and why you would like me to review it) User Gains:
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