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    Found 19 results

    1. Enter the item names inside the text fields. Leave first text field empty for Pestle and mortar (Item quantities will update automatically) Supports all items in the game **Widget index** Widget index is the number below the desired item QuickStart parameters -script "script name" -params "path to saved settings file" -script ""Zodiac Item Mixing"" -params "C:/ Users / {User} / {Saved file location } / ItemMixingSettings.json"
    2. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Features Supports any bank location Supports mixing almost any items together Supports task system Active customer support
    3. Buffman


      BUFF COW KILL&TAN About You can choose to only kill cows at Lumbridge(with or without bank) or only tan cowhide in Al-Kharid or do both kill and then tan collected hide. Requirements Need appropriate cow killing gear ( if killing cows ) Cowhide ( if only tanning ) Money in bank for tanning and gate costs. Key Features Ability to decide quantity hide collected before heading to tanner Ability to select from soft or hard leather Ability to choose Tanning,killing, or both Profit and profit/hour Paint Profit for tanning will only be calculated on the difference between cowhide and leather costs Log off after gold runs out Ability to have banking when only killing cows or not Profits Very dependent on combat level and equipment Wiki suggests 50k/hour if combat level 20 https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Killing_cows_and_tanning_cowhide Developer Log - Added - Combat skills or Combat level goal to log off at added Script now stops as well as logs off when run out (only tanning) Ability to disable yellow paint or all paint calculation -To Do - Custom Breaks Random events GUI Paint
    4. Xtra Cannonballs Welcome to my first release! This is an elegant and efficient Edgeville cannonball smithing script. I carefully and thoughtfully developed this script whilst learning Dreambot's API, with simplicity and human-like elements in mind. Gallery About the script This script has been thoroughly tested and babysat, and I am confident in it's cannonball making ability. You can expect rates of 1900-2100 cannonballs p/h, and upwards of 110-130k p/h depending on your breaks. My advice and requirements when using the script: Use P2P worlds (Obviously) Start in or very close to Edgeville ONLY Start the script with a cannonball mould in the inventory Have steel bars in your bank If you're going to suicide bot, do not expect weeks of smithing time! Edgeville smith is a botting hotspot. Take this into account. Future updates: Cannonball price is hardcoded and may not reflect up-to-date GE prices. Will update this to be dynamic. Download: Released on the SDN! v1.1 changelog: Increased speed and modified anti-pattern to appear more humanlike
    5. Pretty straightforward, steals bananas from Wydin's back room. Requirements: - White apron (in bank or inventory) - Partial completion of Pirate's treasure so you can enter the back room (you need to have smuggled the karamja rum) PLANNED FEATURES: - Add pirates treasure - Grab apron if you don't have one in bank - Add a (profit) counter
    6. pClimbingBoots Now on the SDN! Purchase the script here for a one time payment of $4.99 Features -Buys climbing boots very fast for a great profit -Nice paint -No GUI -Stops the script when out of supplies Requirements -Games necklaces -Dueling rings -Coins -Death plateau quest completed Pictures https://imgur.com/a/rfZ4f Purchase the script here for a one time payment of $4.99
    7. THIS SCRIPT MAY BE OUTDATED. LET ME KNOW AND I WILL UPDATE IT WHEN I GET THE CHANCE. I directly ported it from DB2 to DB3 but haven't fixed things necessarily in resizable mode. The Wild Lootaholic beta ####### DOWNLOAD BETA 0.85 ####### About A wilderness looter with a bunch of nifty features, banks and eats when necessary. Two click start! Looking for testers and feedback. This is my first script since ARGA was alive, COVID pulled me back into this world. Features Script automatically sets up Turns off auto-retaliate Hides "Attack" option Hops to desired world Finds it way to the wilderness Dismisses wilderness warning All fields pre-defined with optimal F2P settings Multiple looting modes Smart Mixed (Random-ish) Value Amount Distance Simple and informative paint Loot list, including total profit Profit per hour Small action log to keep you updated At-a-glance Attack Warning, gamescreen flashes when attacked for easy babysitting (see screenshots) Customizable inventory value limit, banks when reached Customizable loot list, full matches only Customizable valuable list, partial and matches Customizable pickup limits for Value Amount Auto-add valuables to search list Smart banking Banks when inventory value limit reached or valuable looted Searches for more valuables in pile then banks if none Banks after a close call Withdraws food while banking, may rest if necessary Smart safing Runs when attacked Crosses ditch, when necessary Moves away from attacker, when necessary Avoids poachers, builds a "shit list" but needs improvement Rests when necessary Pauses break handler until safe to prevent attempting to take a break while in combat, failing to log out but still sleeping and signing your bot's life away. Force-bank, click the bank button on screen Force-click, double-click anywhere to queue a click Pulse-running, knows when to run and when to walk Prioritizes valuables and runs to make sure you get the loot Eats food when HP is low and being attacked, may rest when safe Supports world-hopping when struggling to loot Supports death walking with alternative routes, avoids ban doors Rests on death Pauses break handler and logouts sometimes on death Auto-saves preferences on script start Loot log, shows on script finish Anti-ban, does various human-like things and has randomized actions to create variances between script users. Probably more that I've forgotten to write down Screenshots Account 1 - Roughly 5 hours on a Friday, no breaks Account 2 - Roughly 7 hours, no breaks Looting Results, 9 and a half hours on a Monday straight from Tutorial Island Known bugs Sometimes crosses the ditch twice when banking Sometimes double-clicks or loots while already looting Certain items cause loot log on screen to disappear, mostly fixed Sometime doesn't choose the closest item if all the reachable ground items are of the same value/amount
    8. pDough Purchase the script here for $2.99 Feel free to ask for a 24 hour trial Features -Makes any dough anywhere -Nice paint -Easy to use GUI -Stops the script when out of supplies Pictures GUI: Paint: Purchase the script here for $2.99 Feel free to ask for a 24 hour trial
    9. Tranquilabys Crate Raider Instructions: Start wearing a "White apron". You must have completed the "Pirate's Treasure" Quest (Or at least get far enough that you are allowed in the back of the Port Sarim Food Shop.) I also recommend that you start with an empty inventory Donations Appreciated! https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/tranquilabyss?locale.x=en_US Info This script will raid the crates in the back of the Port Sarim Food Shop This script contains a GUI with all 4 crate options to pick from. These are Potato, Cabbage, Banana, and Raw Chicken This script has random sleeps in it, so don't be alarmed if your player is sitting for a few seconds at times. Paint positioned so that you can still read the chat window. With this script, you can choose which crate to raid, based on which is the most profitable at the time. Giving you 4 money making options in 1. This script will bank the item you choose to raid at the Port Sarim Docks bank desposit box. Dynamic paint so you know which item you are raiding. Note I spent ALOT of time on this script, so I hope you all enjoy! Screenies
    10. Simple Draynor rope buying script Start wherever you want, with whatever you want in your inventory. Features: Buys and banks ropes in Draynor. Quick worldhopper when shop count is low (only F2P worlds). Stops script when there is no more gp found on the account (bank or inventory) or if the amount of gp is less than the required amount to start buying the ropes. Notes: If there are any bugs/abnormalities just let me know and I'll happily fix them! ADD SCRIPT: https://dreambot.org/sdn/script.php?add=true&script=1009
    11. Succulent GE Beggar This GE beggar begs for a small amount of money to rebuild with (1k) at the GE. When it receives enough donations it world hops to find new victims donors. Works well for higher level players who have seemingly been hacked or cleaned. Gp rates vary from 100k-1m+ per hour. Released on the SDN! Click here to see my script collection or here to add it directly. Features Customisable beg messages using intuitive GUI Detects trade requests and sets up a trade event with the player World hopping after ~2 minutes of no donations or after receiving enough of them Reacts to donations differently depending on size Trade request queueing to handle trades after the current one finishes Simple message reaction such as bot accusation Banks if inventory is almost full of items Simple paint for tracking profit and profit per hour Detects small/joke donations of 1gp Detects declines and goes back to begging Requirements Start in the Grand Exchange Higher stats are recommended for better results Potential updates Customisable beg messages - Done! More customisation (how long to wait before hopping, reactions, typing speed, etc.) - WIP Auto mule Discord notifications Responding to player messages for better believability - WIP Gallery Happy begging, Succulent
    12. Xephy's Jangerberry Looter - [$1.99] - Makes roughly 150k gp/h - Very anti-ban orientated - Fully supports world hopping to prevent crashing - Will always stay updated Requirements: - 10 Agility - 25+ Health (Recommended) - 20+ Defense (Recommended) - Rings of dueling - Ropes Instructions: *Important* - If you're not starting with a ring of dueling equipped, start within walkable distance to a bank. - Start with your preferred gear equipped - Have rings of dueling in the bank - Have ropes in the bank - Have your preferred food near your ropes (Recommended) - Sit back and enjoy the profit! Purchase here Any bugs found can be reported in this discord channel: https://discord.gg/9csKjas Proggies: - 24 hour trials given upon request. Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments below, enjoy!
    13. Simple Catherby spade buying script Start wherever you want, with whatever you want in your inventory. Features: Buys and banks spades in Catherby. Quick worldhopper when shop count is low (only P2P worlds). Stops script when there is no more gp found on the account (bank or inventory) or if the amount of gp is less than the required amount to start buying the ropes. Notes: If there are any bugs/abnormalities just let me know and I'll happily fix them!
    14. Hi, This is my first script, it will loot bones until full at the chicken field near lumbridge. Then bank in Draynor and repeat. This is a decent money making method for a fully fresh f2p account and isnt blocked by the GE restrictions in the first 20hrs / 10 Quest Points / 100 Total Level. Approved on SDN! Add script at https://dreambot.org/sdn/script.php?add=true&script=1107 TODO: Improve my paint...... Add automatic GE price grabber (based on 90gp/bone hard coded for now) Add option to sell at the GE after X Bones looted. Add option to bury bones after X looted. Add Auto stop after certain triggers. Let me know if you test it and it seems good! I have ran it myself for hours at a time and had no issues (see screenshots). Thanks, MrScarfs.
    15. Imp Farmer Hi! This is my first script, if you have any feedback please dont be shy :)) The purpose of this script is to train magic for low level accounts, make a little bit of money and most importantly, lower the trade restriction timer without getting banned. The script is fairly safe, I have run it for 5+ hours without breaks no ban... no guarantees tho ;p Functionality: Kills Imps @ Karamja volcano Banks bead and talisman drops Runs back to volcano to continue farming Makes about 55-100k/h, averagely 80k/h Casts Fire Strike as main attack, no other spells supported Actively looks for imps Instructions: Start locations: Deposit box at port sarim, Karamja volcano where the imps are The bot needs more than 60gp in the inventory The bot needs firestaff, air runes & mind runes It is highly recommended to only run the bot with a combat level of 29 or higher (scorpions nearby are agressive and will lower gp/h) Hit start Screenshots:
    16. OldGrama


      OGFlax Features: - Automatically stops when out of flax - Doesn't get stuck at doors if they are closed Instructions: - Have flax in bank or UN-NOTED flax in inventory - Must be level 10 crafting - Start anywhere near Lumbridge Castle
    17. Looking for a Blue Dragons script for mage safe spotting with the fire spell , pm me on Skype "Lynx_Ryga", doesent need the 70 agility shortcut. but needs food support, spells, teleporting and banking. msg me on Skype for more information
    18. wooden shields are currently ~260gp each they spawn on the ground north from varrock east bank. easy script just click the item & hop worlds till inventory is full & bank them i bet this would be easy 50k+ /h
    19. Hi all, so i just tried loading the free flax picker script, and it just loaded the script selector menu and lagged and lagged, never started up the script, and crashed the client.
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