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    1. Screenshots Current Available Locations Video Review (A bit old but still relevant to normal mining) How to use Quickstart (VIP+) FAQ CLICK TO PURCHASE SCRIPT
    2. Ever feel the need to relentlessly slam clay at the Rimmington mines? Me too! So I made ClayDemon, the easiest free clay mining script. Runs to Rimmington, mines clay, waits for mule, trades clay to mule, mines more clay. * Up to 100k per hour, depending on mining lvl * Features: - NEW: Solo Mode ... Enable this to run the script without a mule! Bot will bank in Port Sarim. Running this script without a mule will result in higher ban rates. - Aesthetically pleasing GUI! Press the X to hide GUI, and the Eye to reopen it - Shows estimated clay per hour - Shows total profit and profit per hour - Shows current mining level and levels gained - Shows number of successfully completed trades - Logs in console when you get a gem Set Up: Stats: 21 Mining + Mithril Pick = 500+ clay per hour --> (87.5k/hour at 175gp each) 31 Mining + Adamant Pick = 600+ clay per hour --> (105k/hour at 175gp each) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <-- Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions! Let me know any suggestions or comments to help me improve the script! Thanks for using ClayDemon
    3. Currently supports: Clay, Copper, Tin, Iron, Silver, Coal, and Gold. Features Stopping conditions, stop at a certain level or amount of XP gained. Customise the time before mining. Customise the time between clicking the next step during walking. Limit the area you mine within; from your starting tile; leave at 0 for unlimited*. Bank, this will use the closest bank possible allowing for mining in any location, or power mine. Drop or bank gems, even when dropping ores it is still possible to bank the gems. *If starting tile is no longer on the map we will return to it to prevent getting lost. UI for Script Settings
    4. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Click here for your 2 hour free trial! Features Supports almost all locations Can mine at mining guild Can mine rune essence at Varrock and Ardougne Anticipates rocks to beat other bots (see the GIFs below) Can switch worlds when no rocks to mine Fast powermining Easy setup Active customer support Anticipating makes sure you beat other bots! Anticipating off (other bots use this): Anticipating on (no other bot does this): Smart spot detection Gallery Click here for your 2 hour free trial!
    5. Im looking for a script that can do blast mine for me. I almost have the requirements to to get runite from the blast mine.
    6. AIO Mining Script includes dropping, shift dropping, banking & gem handling Features: Supports most rocks, ore and locations. (All locations are supported with the rocks in the picture above in the GUI. With banking, only banks supported by the DreamBot web are supported.) Supports all web banks and (shift) dropping ores. Mine multiple rocks at once Rock hovering Handles gems correctly Works in a confined area. Walks back to mining area if no rocks found nearby. Can mine rocks within 1 tile and stays on the spot. Flawless & fast Doesn't bank/drop pickaxe. Paint GUI Instructions: You will need to set the script's settings using the GUI. When banking, it will go to the closest bank available in the web. GUI: Check the rocks you want to mine Select your mode If you want to mine in an area, enter the size of the area in which you wish to mine in (e.g. 6) OR if you want to stay on one tile and mine surrounding rocks, check 'Stay still'. Progress Reports: Trials: Get your 1 hour trial as soon as you want it by pressing 'Try' on the script in the SDN! Price: $3.99 One Time Purchase Purchase here:
    7. Why Choose this script: - Alot of Mining spots - Low bans - Can be used in F2p & P2p - Supports Shift-Dropping What does this script do: - Gets you 1-99 Mining Requirements: - 1 Mining and a Pick axe How to start: - Start the script anywhere on runescape ground floor - Have a Pick axe either equipped or wielded GUI: Shift Dropping: Make sure you have shift click enabled before running the script on drop-mode for shift dropping! Proggy's: On the SDN for only 5.99 Up-vote this thread & join the discord to request your trial: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
    8. Hello I am looking for a script that works the ruins you gain access to after you complete the quest Below Ice Mountain. It would be nice if the script could cycle through the tasks you can do in the ruins. fishing, mining, using the fish on the altar. This script would be a great way to train multiple skills within a small space. You can train Mining, cooking, prayer, smithing, and fishing.
    9. Xandao's POG ClayMiner ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This bot will mine clay rocks at varrock west mine and banks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SETUP -Start on Varrock West Mine or Bank with any pickaxe equipped or ir inventory. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Automatic toggle run *Runs to safe area if attacked ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VERSION 1.1 - Added paint, fixed some bugs, optimized randoms.
    10. Latest update: 3rd of January, 2020 Features: Mines Rune / Pure essence in Varrock East. F2P / P2P mining training method. Profit per hour: Output 900 x Rune essence = 10,000 gp + 10,000 gp and + 4,500 exp Output 900 x Pure essence = 1,800 gp + 1,800 gp and + 4,500 exp Instructions: Have Rune Mysteries quest completed. Have any pickaxe in your inventory/equipped. Have Accept Aid off. Gallery: Other: Feel free to post proggies to the thread. Let me know if you encounter any problems with the script by replying this thread. If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know. ADD SCRIPT
    11. ~8 Hours Worth This Is My 2nd Script! It's An Efficient Iron Ore Miner Which Banks At Varrock West. 1. Start Script Near Varrock West Bank 2. $ Profit $ ► I Would Highly Recommend Enabling Breaks ◄   ● Ultra Sexy Paint/Crosshair Mouse ● Ore/GP Per Hour ● Human-Like Mouse/Camera Movement ● Random Conditional Sleeps Implemented ● Automatically Banks ► 1.0 - Initial Release - 19/01/2019 https://mega.nz/#!jnxHHKwZ!_xeLAlQHgZnk74oxBP-aNNAjH9wfVyKgXs28P42Hjvw Source Code:
    12. Hiya, I'm looking for a skiller with a high stat (ideally 92+ mining is what I would love), but anything that I can use to make some gp on the side would be great. I don't mind a botted account so long as it hasn't been botted for a while and isn't at risk of an upcoming ban. An account with a previous 2 day ban is fine, I don't really mind how recent it was. Also could possibly be interested in an account close to 92 mining. Budget is around 30m OSRS, but I can go higher if the account deserves it and I'm happy to have a discussion about price. Happy to go first to trusted users or otherwise we can use an MM. Post or PM me anything you have! Thanks!
    13. Im making a mining script and it clicks on rocks that don't have any ore in them.
    14. Stats of the account Minimum bid (price to start bids) 4m Autowin 5m Payment method OSRS Trading conditions (middleman) Middleman , if trusted ill go 1st 3 LEFT EDIT ~1 LEFT
    15. MINIMUM BID ~ 4M AUTOWIN -6M OSRS GP MIDDLEMAN (if trusted,ill go 1st) DISCORD wuzzy#0715
    16. Payment method ~ osrs gp ,Trusted middleman Mininum offer -4mil Win ~ 6m DISCORD ~wuzzy#0715
    17. Stats of the account Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) No wealth Minimum bid (price to start bids) 4M OSRS GP Autowin 8M Autowin Payment method OSRS GP Trading conditions UPFRONT PAYMENT Previous owners (if any) NONE
    18. Hi Guys ! I have a problem :'( I'm trying to make a mining script Cooper Ore from a tutorial I'm watching on youtube, Could you please help me Thank you How do I make the character click on the rock? With what method can i do this? package Miner; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; @ScriptManifest( category = Category.FISHING, name = "PowerMine2r", author = "Mafer", version = 2.0 ) public class Miner extends AbstractScript{ private int state; private String ore; private GameObject rock; private int count; @Override public void onStart() { ore = "Copper Ore"; count = 0; state = 0; } @Override public int onLoop() { if (state == 0) { mine(); } else { if (state == 1) { drop(); } else { } } return Calculations.random(500, 1000); } private void mine(){ if(!getInventory().isFull()){ rock = getGameObjects().closest(f -> f.getName().contains("Rock")); if (rock != null){ if (rock.interact("Mine")){ sleepUntil(() -> getInventory().count(ore) > count, Calculations.random(22000,33000)); if(getInventory().count(ore) > count){ count++; } } } } else{ state = 1; } } private void drop(){ if(getInventory().contains(ore)){ getInventory().dropAllExcept(i -> i.getName().contains("pickaxe")); } else{ state =0; } } }
    19. rorro

      Ore Lick Revised

      Last updated: Some time this July? Ore Lick Revised (https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/4581-ore-lick-revised-freevip/page-1) is a bit bugged. It starts with this info: After you click start you get this: And when it's time to bank it spits out nullPointerExceptions
    20. Stats - Mining - 50, Woodcutting - 65, Crafting - 40, Fishing - 20. | Status (bans and mutes) - Clean. | Login Screen - (screenshots ----->) | Quests - Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer, Romeo & Juliet. | Wealth of the account - Rune Pickaxe, Rune axe, and 25kgp. | Price: - 1.5m Autowin - 5m Old School Runescape Gold. Trading conditions, If you're trusted, you may go first, If not I would like to go first. I'm the owner.
    21. Hi, i have a quick mining script I made but it seems to click on rocks even when they have no ore. What's a good way to fix this? Ty
    22. Stats of the account = 60 mining 11 att 11 str 6 def Account status (bans, mutes) = Ban (Quashed) Login screen Quests (completed) = N/A Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) = Addy Pick / MithPick Some gems Minimum bid (price to start bids) = Open To Offers Autowin = Open To Offers Payment method = 07gp / rs3gp / paypal Trading conditions (middleman) = Can be discussed Previous owners (if any) = First and only owner Account is around 5 years old looking to sell as its not used
    23. 1. stats: 70 mining,14 combat 2. ban/mute status: 0 bans 0 mutes 3. quests: 7qp ( 3 f2p quests) 4.account wealth: rune pickaxe 5.min bid: 7m osrs 6.autowin: 8m osrs 7.trading conditions: trade me osrs in game and then i will pm you account details on here pm me for any more info or offers
    24. I know I posted something before but i need a little help with some things that i cant quite figure out on my mining bot. http://pastebin.com/cnftAajr the errors i get are that the sleepuntil are not aplicable, and that the GameObjects bank and bank2 value field are not used I could use some help im stumped on what i need to do.
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