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    Found 22 results

    1. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Features Supports stun alching, curse alching, etc. Supports humidifying Supports stringing jewellery Supports plank making Supports tanning leathers Supports enchanting Supports superheating Supports splashing Supports teleporting Active customer support Gallery @Allinium
    2. As the title says, my main and farm accounts go banned simultaneously this morning with no ability to appeal. I was using a free splashing bot to level mage on my main (an account I used to bot on in 2013-2015 heavily with no issues). My friend started playing again and recommended Dreambot so I started on Friday and couldn't log in this morning. I was taking breaks and talking in game, to avoid looking sketchy, but still caught a ban. It's frustrating that Jagex will mercilessly come down on small timers like myself but let the text spammers and very blatant farming bo
    3. start at falador bank. zamorak robes,air staff on ,law runes in inventory,water runes in invy(if u want to use falador tele) . graps zamorak wines at the second floor requirements: a skill total of 500 level 33 magic discord: "abd elkarim#1538"
    4. Hey Everyone! So I just came back to RS, and decided to try my hand at scripting... This DreamBot thing is quite awesome Anyway, I made my first script. Its a simple Safe Spot Fighter for Hobgoblins, inside the cow area by the Crafting Guild. Requirements to run script: -Long Range attack (Magic or Ranged) -Stand close to the location (Bot will move back to location if it moves around) Not required but implemented: -If You can cast Telekinetic grab (High enough level and runes in inventory) then bot will get Limpwurt roots and all uncut gems, t
    5. PenguEnchanter This script currently supports enchanting sapphire jewelry using level 1 enchant Gets around 25k exp per hour, good way to train magic while possibly making profit (depends on ge prices) GUI: [https://imgur.com/a/bXWTu] How to start?: Make sure you have a staff of water in your bank, in inventory or have it equipped. Have supplies in bank or in inventory (cosmic runes and jewelry type), then simply choose what you want to enchant Should
    6. Can someone show me how I'd go about casting a spell with dreambot?
    7. Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy two lvl 66 magic accounts. If you are intrested to sell, feel free to pm or leave a comment. !!!BOUGHT!!! Best wishes, Luigi
    8. Buying 3 accounts, pm me with price. BOUGHT BUYING 2 MORE ACCOUNTS! PM ME BOUGHT
    9. 70def 75+ranged 75+mage 45M ea 60def 75ranged 75mage 43 prayer 40m ea 60def 75mage 21m ea Payment methods: OSRS GP / BTC / SKRILL DISCORD -> Ukasz#1094 Skype -> Ukaszz70
    10. 66 magic accounts 4M ea 10+ accounts -> 3.5M ea 66magic+50def 4,5m ea !! ( 10+acc's 4m ea ) STOCK->20 all new accounts have 52HP !! Accounts are unregistered. Payment methods accepted: 07 gp or Skrill /BTC/ ETH / ETC / LSK / LTC / Skype: Ukaszz70 discord: Ukasz#1094 ToS: -no refunds
    11. Hi im selling these for 2.7m-3m each, i have 2 ready my discord is Excil#6647
    12. WTS Accounts I would like to sell my accounts. I make them slowly but surely. You can pay with 07 gold or PayPal. Please contact me at the following Skype address: mikulay.martin (accounts have 66 magic)
    13. SOLD --------------------- 1. Stats 2. Account Status 3. Quests Completed : Nothing special 4.log in screen - less then 1 day meb lefts , so its a f2p account 5. price looking for around 850k or something , we can discuss the price Account is wel rested and has a real playername Interested ? simply reply or msg my discord or skype
    14. (expect price do drop slowly to nothing, to get the account sold) 66 MAGIC SUICIDE ORBER 1. Stats of the account SOME OF THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BOTTED, 66 magic, 10 defense, 30 hp, random skills level 10 (defense may be higher, skills may have 1 or 2 extra levels) **40 range also (splashing) 2. Account status (bans, mutes) No bans, f2p account, account has been checked on high scores while creating this. 3. Login screen Exceeded attachment uploads, can't figure out how to delete pictures from lobster account. 4. Quests (completed) 7 quest points, if not w
    15. BUYING 94 MAGIC ACCOUNT BUYING 94 MAGIC ACCOUNT Offering anything under or around 40usd depending on other stats Contact me on : - Discord : Lanontios#5244 - Forum : Slower answers
    16. Buying 1 orbing account! Willing to pay more for an older account. Looking for 66 mage and 30+ hp. PM me to discuss price
    17. I'm looking for an account with 66 magic. Bought.
    18. bot4real

      high alch

      just wondering what everyone alch nowdays. i have to alch 5.5k items just dont know what. is there anything i can buy for 1gp ea?
    19. So I just made my first woodcutting bot and now I want to do some magic interaction.. But the thing is im new to the syntaxes so I wouldnt really know which function to use for magic.. would it be getMagic()? Is there a place where I can see what getMagic() for example does?
    20. Hey, I'm looking to go from 72-85 magic and I would like to hear from someone who has successfully botted to a high level of magic without getting banned on how they did it. Is alching the way to go? It looks fairly botlike to me so I don't usually run it for more than an hour at a time. Another method I was trying was splashing fire strike which I have been able to do for very long periods of time but the xp is so damn slow even for a bot...I would have to run it for like 200 hours just to get 85 magic. I don't want to splash anything other than fire strike cause of the cost but if there
    21. I don't see an option in the DreamBot API for auto-cast and I need to be able to setup autocast when a user wields a staff for an example. Is there any way to achieve this?
    22. Makes Varrock teleports and uses Phials to unnote clay. Script currently only supports Eagle and Oak Lectern and Varrock teleports or Enchant Sapphire. Make sure your house is located in Rimmington, that the lectern is visible and that you do NOT render doors in your POH. Start outside your POH with noted soft clay, law runes, fire runes, coins and an equipped a staff of air. Future updates will include GUI and support for more lecterns and tablets.
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