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    Found 5 results

    1. Now Hiring! Hello, I am looking Venezuelans who are looking to work long term for me. I will pay well and am looking to create a team that is willing to build accounts. You will be paid after every skill thresh mark is hit. Work when you want, when you can or work full time with me. I look forward to meeting you. Pay is also negotiable. Interested? My discord is: Robbiey#2872
    2. Hi! I'm really not familiar in any way with runescape scripting, which is pretty different with what I know about java (web dev) so I'm willing to pay a decent amount for a simple Banana Picking script (~220Kgp/h). I wish to know where a good place to hire scripters are please. Can't stand public scripts, they get detected pretty often (at least what I think)
    3. Requirements to Work: Deposit - This will be a varying amount which will decide the value of 'jobs' you can take - Will be returned upon leaving - Simply a precaution to protect against scams/refunds. Starting - 15M OSRS Clean Reputation across other sites/forums - Unless valid and confirmed reasoning. You must not be banned on other sites/forums. You must not have held DNT rank at any time. (Unless for valid reason) You must not be currently holding a rank preventing or hindering you from trading (TWC or Other.) Must have Discord/Skype. Must speak and understand English. Must be willing to undertake jobs that are available. Terms of Service: You may not use any Botting/Autoclicking software to train the accounts. (Unless agreed by client) Questing will be paid 3-5M/hr You must remain respectful to all clients and other workers at all times. You will not scam. If you do, the deposit it forfeit and you will be released from the service and labelled a scammer. You must complete each order you agree to take - If this is not completed you forfeit the payment for account in question. Absence 3 Days+ must be notified to Me before occurring. You are not allowed to directly take payment for an order from a client, This will you being responsible for the service and the potential to be released from the service. You will not complete jobs under my name without myself knowing or giving explicit permission beforehand. Your deposit will be returned in full upon leaving (provided you have not lost this elsewhere by breaking terms) You will use your own currency to complete a service if needed - unless agreed upon by client that they will provide supply/training costs. You will be paid 90%-95% of the service price upon completion - Payment will be held by myself until completed - You will not be paid beforehand. Removing any items or wealth from the account in question without permission will result in loss of original deposit amount and release from the service - this will be handled as a scam would be. You may take on jobs external to this service however we will not be held responsible for anything to do with this. If an external service goes 'sour' and you are disputed for this, you will be removed from my service with no deposit refund. You will receive the feedback from orders. You can apply to this service by contacting me: Discord: Banker#6451 Discord: Viision#8062 Skype: live:bankergoldsite (Both of these contact methods are available in my Signature) For both these contacts you should ask for a PM on here to confirm that it is me.
    4. Name of Business: GamingServant Job Duties: 07 Questing, Skilling, Barbarian Minigame, Rune Defenders Working Hours: Flexible; On your Free Time. Requirements: 10+ Feedback on OSBOT on RS Services/Activities. Displays a positive attitude towards the team and the customers. Team Player/Cooperative Avid Quester/Skiller ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey DreamBot members! My name is Hubbalicious, current owner of GamingServant Services! Our services offer other runescape members the comfort of completing services for them while providing them with the best customers experience! Our business began on December 17, 2014 and since then, we have been getting orders left and right from many different forums! At the moment, we are currently providing our services on 5 forums. Just to give you guys a general perspective on our activity, in less than one month, our team has accumulated at LEAST 100M 07 gold! We are expecting to double that amount once our website is up and completed (*Fingers Crossed*). Currently, we have one official member and two trial members. So what a perfect time to join now while the deposit prices are still low. However, there is a process behind our application. In other words, you must go through the trial phase to be officially part of the team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trial Phase: During this phase, you are required to pay a 10-12m deposit prior to performing any services for GamingServant. The money is FULLY REFUNDABLE should you decide to opt out of our business (Unless contraindicated). During this phase, you will be tested on reliability, communication, efficiency, and overall skills. Furthermore, either the Questing Manager or I will assign you quests. Depending on your skills, we may ask you to perform quests/skills on starter accounts to test your abilities (We wont be asking you to do anything too extreme). After 1-2 weeks (maybe less), the crew panel will decide on whether or not you are fit to be an official member of the team. Official Team: Once you have completed and passed the Trial Phase, you are then an official member of the Team! Beforehand, however, you are required to pay an additional 10-12m deposit to which 70% - 80% would be refunded back should you decide to opt out. Once you are an official member, you are then allowed access to our website, allowing you to choose whichever quest(s) you are in the mood for! As stated before, we are not expecting you to make this a full-time job, so you are able to do this whenever you are available; Payments are based on the amount of services/orders you perform. If you are interested, please feel free to either add my skype, PM my inbox, or comment below. Prior to doing so, please fill out the following application form:
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