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    Found 2 results

    1. Legitimate & Rigged Gambling 💰 Live Control 💰 Built-In Mod 2K List 💰 14+ Games 💰 Mod Detection Note: This is the popular DefiledDicer Script, but Rewritten and Upgraded Last Updated: October 18, 2021 Brief Description: The Most Advanced Gambling Script on DreamBot. Includes: Legacy Dicing & Command Games (14 Games+) Moderator List Included 2500+ Moderator Names List Built-in Moderator lists are worth a lot of money, & you're getting it free included with the script. You can even add in your own Moderator Names and increase your grasp on rented and normal player moderators! 14+ Command Games 14 Games, Not Including Custom Games! I have included over 14 games in the script, ranging from classics to new and enjoyable games to fuel the addiction of in-game gamblers! The script also includes the ability to customize every game, which you will find out upon first loading the script. Legacy Dicing Included A Classic Feature for a Classical Person Do you dislike command games, prefer simplicity and ease of use, and miss the old days of gambling? No problem! dCasino includes a Legacy Dicing feature which allows you to play High, Mid, Low Dicing without commands! Rigged & Legitimate You can be a Honest Poor Man or a Scamming Rich Man dCasino doesn't discriminate! Everything is setup to be legitimate, but with a few tools with every game that can make it as skewed towards you as you wish! You can even look legitimate but be rigged all a-long Live Control Control Real-time Sessions, Infract People, Log Trades, & More! I have included a panel in the script that you can use to take full advantage of your gambling bot, without the need to stop or pause the script! Add people to the ignore list, Add new moderators, Add new mules, etc... Extreme Configurability From Altering Messages to Mod Evasion Techniques The script contains a HUGE amount of options and configurations that can be skewed any way you want! This is the reason I allow infinite instances of my scripts, it's because of the configurability. No 2 instance can be equal! Muling Support Trade, & Get a Pre-set Amount The script allows you to identify Mules in real time and trade them to give a set amount of gold which can be modified through Live Control. Anti-Lure Can't Be Removed From Area No matter how hard lurers try, they won't & can't pull you away from your area. Want to gamble on a PVP world? this is the script for you! Timed Actions & Changes Executes Actions Every Specified Amount of Time Do you want to change Areas every once in a while? You can do that on dCasino! Do you want to change Worlds every one in a while? You can also do that on dCasino! Message Customizability There's a Message For Everything On dCasino, you'll find that you can set up a message for any sort of situation! Not Enough GP for a Session? There's a message for that! Are Items not accepted? there's a message for that too! & Much much more! Numerous Mod Evasion Features Log-out, Hop, Change Area On dCasino, not only can you find 3 ways to evade moderators... It's a darn fast reaction. Real Mod Reaction: I didn't even have the chance to see it! All the icons above are made by: Flaticon.com & More... If I were to list every feature, this post will span over 2 pages. Video Showcase A video showing dCasino running a game of Dice Duel dCasino GUI Warm & Easy-to-use Interface dCasino Live Control No Need To Stop, Just Take Control dCasino Proggies For more proggies, Join My Discord Server & visit the #proggies channel DefiledBot Script Stats for user "Defiled" dCasino Guide In-depth Script Guide Click the image above to go to the Script Guide dCasino Win/Loss Chances Console Tests (Alpha Tests) dCasino Update Log Be up to date with what has been patched, added, & removed. dCasino Trial Wanna see what's down there before jumping in? Get a trial! To Request a Trial You Must Upvote & Comment on this Thread & Then Use the Trial Bot Found on My Discord Server. To Join My Discord Server Click The Image Above or Click Here ______________________________________________ !!! DISCLAIMER !!! ______________________________________________ Gambling or In-game Dicing is a VERY competitive field due to its extreme profitability, so you will encounter competitors who will try to shut you down through rented PMods or Mass Reporting. Therefore gambling or dicing bots overall have a short life span, so your goal should be to monitor the bots and mule frequently! also you should always seek better areas to gamble at other than grand exchange as the grand exchange is a hot zone (monitored by Jagex and has UNETHICAL competitors) The information above should not scare you in anyway but it should boost your vigilance and your focus. Gambling/Dicing is highly profitable and can net you in the 10s of millions or even 100s of millions per hour. RENT OR PURCHASE Rent: $18.95 (or $17 with V.I.P and/or Sponsor) first month then $19.99/mo Buy: $99.99 One-time Payment (or $89.99 One-time Payment with V.I.P and/or Sponsor)
    2. Latest update: 1st of May, 2020 (will rewrite for DreamBot 3) Features: Hosts a dice game anywhere. User can choose the odds when player bets small. User can also choose the odds when player bets more than X amount of Coins (rigged mode). Bot cannot be scammed. Bot will not accept items. Writes a random advertisement message each time. Once the mule trades the host, it will give X percentage of its Coins to the mule. The script will hop to a random world if no players within X amount of minutes (optional). Declines the trade if the trade window is open more than 90 seconds. Once the script has started a log will appear to track all the games and profit. If lucky the user can make millionsbillionstrillions per hour. P2P / F2P money making method. Instructions: Start with Coins in your inventory. Input the GUI what are the normal odds. Input the GUI what are the odds when the player bets more than X amount. Input the GUI the minimum and maximum bet you want to take. Input the GUI how many seconds to wait until typing again. Change the content for all the messages as you wish. Add the / character in front of the message to use the clan chat. Add as many advertisement phrases as you wish. Input the GUI the name of the mule and what percentage of the Coins to pay back. Input the GUI when to hop worlds. Select to either open the Dicer log or not. You can save your settings to a text file. You can load your settings from a text file. Not recommended to be used in a laggy server. Lag might mess up typing. Have Accept Aid off. Gallery: Other: Feel free to give the script a rating on the store. You may also post a proggy to the thread. If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know. No trials for this script because it would ruin the profits for paid customers.
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