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    1. Splashes stun spells while casting high level alchemy for great xp/hour Welcome to my first script on DreamBot! I recently came back to OSRS but I don't have time for the long grinds required to reach the content I want to play, so I'll be scripting these tasks for myself and figured I might as well give back by releasing them as I create them. I've played for ~14 years off and on, used to script for another botting site, and have computer science and data science degrees - so hopefully I can create some useful bots for y'all! This first one is pretty simple. Requirements Start next to the NPC you want to splash on Works best at locations similar to the Monk of Zamorak in Varrock Palace Start with the item you want to alch, as well as runes/staves/etc required for casting Nats, fires, waters, earths, souls Cheapest way is Mud battlestaff + Tome of fire with nats and souls in your inventory Having the item to alch in inventory slot 12 or 16 makes the script look more human-like Don't have valuable/important items next to the alchables as the script occasionally misclicks Have 66+ magic Features Progressive spell selection Casts the best stun spell you can (Vulnerability at 66, Enfeeble at 73, and Stun at 80) GUI to enter names of the item to alch and monster to attack Case sensitive Human-like idling Randomly idles anywhere from 2 seconds to 2.5 minutes without too much impact to xp/hour Feel free to request any features! Things like world hopping from crashers could be added, but I only bot to the side while I work from home so I'm always babysitting. Proggies If you use this script drop any progress screenshots in the comments! Quick GIF of script in action Now available on the SDN Code: Feel free to add the script locally. Also looking for any constructive criticism as I haven't used Java since sophomore year of undergrad and haven't scripted bots since around the same time
    2. Get that 99 Runecrafting clout with EssRunner! This is an easy-to-use script that does three things: 1. Grabs rune essence from bank 2. Runs them to altar 3. Trades them to player Set Up: Features: - This script does not actually craft runes independently! - - You must be logged into another account & manually accept trades from bot - - This is a F2P script, only works with regular Rune Essence - _______________________________________________________________________________________ --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <-- Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions! Let me know if you have any issues with the script or suggestions for future updates! Thank you for using EssRunner!
    3. Ever feel the need to relentlessly slam clay at the Rimmington mines? Me too! So I made ClayDemon, the easiest free clay mining script. Runs to Rimmington, mines clay, waits for mule, trades clay to mule, mines more clay. * Up to 100k per hour, depending on mining lvl * Features: - NEW: Solo Mode ... Enable this to run the script without a mule! Bot will bank in Port Sarim. Running this script without a mule will result in higher ban rates. - Aesthetically pleasing GUI! Press the X to hide GUI, and the Eye to reopen it - Shows estimated clay per hour - Shows total profit and profit per hour - Shows current mining level and levels gained - Shows number of successfully completed trades - Logs in console when you get a gem Set Up: Stats: 21 Mining + Mithril Pick = 500+ clay per hour --> (87.5k/hour at 175gp each) 31 Mining + Adamant Pick = 600+ clay per hour --> (105k/hour at 175gp each) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <-- Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions! Let me know any suggestions or comments to help me improve the script! Thanks for using ClayDemon
    4. Find yourself struggling to set up complicated muling scripts? Well your days of struggling are over. This script is easy-to-use and efficient, saving you from those tedious bank runs! It only does two things: 1. Waits for trade request from designated player 2. Runs loot to selected bank FEATURES: TIPS: - When you start the script, make sure your bot has an empty inventory - Make sure your bot is not trade restricted, so you can transfer the items back to your main when finished - Name input is case-sensitive, if the capitalization is wrong, bot won't trade - Recommended minimum combat level of 13 so Muggers don't attack bot You can use this to... - run a clay bot farm with my other script ClayDemon >:) - make bank runs for your main/non-botted accounts while AFK training - use it with any other script that supports trading to a mule account! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <-- Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions! Let me know any suggestions or comments to help me improve the script! Thanks for using SimpleMule
    5. Hey i'm creating free graphics to make a portfolio and practice. Let me know in the comments what you want, make sure to include any details such as image size etc... It can be one of these: Script Paint Script Logo Profile Pictures Signatures Will only be doing this for a limited time, limit 1 per person. If you want more than 1 you'll have to pay. What i've done so far: https://sloothdreambot.imgur.com/ ORDERS LOCKED FOR NOW, CURRENTLY DOING GRAPHICS FOR PEOPLE WHO ALREADY ASKED.
    6. Instructions: Turn NPC attack option OFF (ingame options->controls->NPC 'Attack' options:Hidden). Turn auto retaliate off. Start the script. Fill the GUI. Profit =]. Features: Supports all 4 spots (Ardougne, Draynor, Varrock). Uses food efficiently (unless your hp lvl is very low and the food heals a high amount of hp). Supports dodgy necklaces. Uses RSBuddy GE, drops seed stacks that are cheaper than the value set in GUI if inventory is full. Escapes combat in Draynor. Hops world if someone lured the wizard into the Draynor bank. GUI will save settings Recommendations: Enable shift dropping (ingame options->controls). Make ESC key close interfaces (ingame options->controls->keybinding). Only run the script at Varrock if your account is high enough lvl to tank the wizards at the Stone circle. Use dodgy necklaces. Use jug of wine it heals 11HP and costs 3GP. QuickStart: GUI: Proggies: ~65 thieving, Draynor 33k xp/hr, 78k gp/hr ~55 thieving, Ardougne 28k xp/hr, 46k gp/hr Changelog
    7. Xtra Cannonballs Welcome to my first release! This is an elegant and efficient Edgeville cannonball smithing script. I carefully and thoughtfully developed this script whilst learning Dreambot's API, with simplicity and human-like elements in mind. Gallery About the script This script has been thoroughly tested and babysat, and I am confident in it's cannonball making ability. You can expect rates of 1900-2100 cannonballs p/h, and upwards of 110-130k p/h depending on your breaks. My advice and requirements when using the script: Use P2P worlds (Obviously) Start in or very close to Edgeville ONLY Start the script with a cannonball mould in the inventory Have steel bars in your bank If you're going to suicide bot, do not expect weeks of smithing time! Edgeville smith is a botting hotspot. Take this into account. Future updates: Cannonball price is hardcoded and may not reflect up-to-date GE prices. Will update this to be dynamic. Download: Released on the SDN! v1.1 changelog: Increased speed and modified anti-pattern to appear more humanlike
    8. Aeon

      [Free] Aeon Thiever

      Instructions: - Select target, food type/quantity, eat %, and level goal. - Start with player near desired target. - Profit. Pickpocketing: - Men/Women (Level 1) - Farmer (Level 10) - Al-Kharid warrior (Level 25) - Rogue (Level 32) - Cave goblin (Level 36) - Master Farmer (Level 38) - Guard (Level 40) - Knight of Ardougne (Level 55) - Paladin (Level 70) - Gnome (Level 75) - Hero (Level 80) - Vyre (Level 82) *More to come in future updates Stalls: - Baker's Stall (Level 5, Ardougne) - Tea Stall (Level 5, Varrock) - Fruit Stall (Level 25, Hosidius East House) *More to come in future updates Requirements: - Thieving level for specified target (duh) - 15% Hosidius favor for Fruit Stall. - Food in bank if pickpocketing Settings: - Target: Men Baker's Stall Tea Stall Fruit Stall Al-Kharid warrior Guard - Food: Shrimps Trout Salmon Tuna Lobster Swordfish Monkfish Shark - Stop At Level: Set a specific level goal to automatically stop the bot when reached. - Eat at %: Eat at a specific health percentage when pickpocketing. - Action Delay: Adds a random delay between actions such as pickpocketing, stealing from stalls, eating, etc. At 1 (minimum), there will be no extra delay, at 100 (maximum), there will be a random delay of 1-3 seconds between actions. Screenshots: GUI: Change log: Bug Reporting: If you run into an issue, please post here or message me directly here with this format: 1. Short description of bug: 2. What were the settings used: 3: How do you reproduce it: 4: Any other relevant information: Discord: Join Here
    9. depwessed Ale, Stout, and Bomb's Current Status: LIVE! Buys and Banks Asgarnian Ale, Dwarven Stout, and Mind Bomb's from Rising Sun Inn! And once out of Gold will walk to the GE and Logout! Please report any bugs and I hope you enjoy! Progress Pic's Appreciated!
    10. Pretty straightforward, steals bananas from Wydin's back room. Requirements: - White apron (in bank or inventory) - Partial completion of Pirate's treasure so you can enter the back room (you need to have smuggled the karamja rum) PLANNED FEATURES: - Add pirates treasure - Grab apron if you don't have one in bank - Add a (profit) counter
    11. "Make money by buying or drinking!" Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce my third free script for DreamBot, bonBuyer. This script buys ales from the Rising Sun Inn located in West Falador or kebabs in Al Kharid. If the player chooses to do so, the script will drink the ales it buys, then bank the beer glasses. Features Buys ales from the Rising Sun Inn OR kebabs in Al Kharid Automatically determines the most profitable ale to purchase (and automatically swaps to a more profitable ale if prices change) Can drink ales that it has purchased Easy-to-use GUI for simple script configuration Banks all ales, kebabs, and beer glasses at the nearest bank Automatically withdraws coins from the bank Logs out and stops the script when out of coins Runs to the item buying locations automatically An example price breakdown for how profitable this script is can be seen below (Prices as of May 2nd, 2021): Buy Kebabs for 1 coins each. Sell Kebabs for 57 coins each. Profit of 56 coins per Kebab. Buy Asgarnian ale for 3 coins each. Sell Asgarnian ale for 69 coins each. Profit of 66 coins per Asgarnian ale. Buy Dwarven stout for 3 coins each. Sell Dwarven stout for 124 coins each. Profit of 121 coins per Dwarven stout. Buy Wizard's mind bomb for 3 coins each. Sell Wizard's mind bomb for 113 coins each. Profit of 110 coins per Wizard's mind bomb. Buy any ale for 3 coins each. Drink the ales. Sell the resulting Beer glasses for 71 coins each. Profit of 68 coins per Beer glass. The average profit per hour calculations can be found below (Prices as of May 2nd, 2021): Buying and banking the most profitable ale: ~65,000 coins / hour Buying, drinking, and banking ales: ~23,000 coins / hour Buying and banking kebabs: ~75,000 coins / hour Preview Requirements Coins in your bank or inventory (as many as you'd like to spend) Planned Features Selling banked items on the Grand Exchange, then restarting the buying process Current Version: v1.1 Changelog Disclaimer Free-to-Play money-making methods with little-to-no requirements (such as this one) are known to have heightened ban rates. Script Support For support with this script, or any of my other scripts, please feel free to join my Discord server below!
    12. About: This is a rather simple yet effective script in achieving early combat levels with no requirements what so ever. Seagulls cannot damage you therefore no food is required. I've personally gotten several accounts combat stats over 60+ suiciding with no breaks, no bans. Setup: Start the script at Port Sarim near the seagulls with the combat style you want pre-selected. Paint: 52 Hour Progress Report The paint is reflective of all levels and experienced gained from the core combat stats. The paint's time to level will prioritize levels that are closer to completion and may update dynamically to reflect that. Bugs: Please post any bugs you encounter. Release Log:
    13. BH Pickpocketter Usage: - Start the script in the desired center of area - Choose desired NPC, type name of the food and amount to get from bank - Set the area radius to look for NPC - If You pickpocket eg. Warrior woman in Varrock Castle, You can tick the checkbox for door closing - it will look for any open doors in Your training area that are open and will attempt to close them. Make sure to include the doors that You want closed in Your training area, You can use the preview included before starting the script as a guide. Features: - Auto healing at ~50% hp - Auto banking if no food or inventory full - Automatic door closing if pickpocketting in rooms - Simple AFK/AntiBan system
    14. Checks the status of all specified accounts from the .txt file and saves results to specified directory. Features Easy format (username:password) Specify your own directory where results will be saved Creates three separate text files at the output directory Instructions/Pictures First, click on the >Account File< button Locate your .txt file which contains accounts you want to check Next click on the >Output< button Locate the directory where you want results to be saved Check if everything is in order Click on the >Start< button to start the script Quickstart Accepts 2 parameters. 1. Account text file path 2. Output directory path java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "Debela's Account Checker" -params INPUT_FILE_PATH OUTPUT_DIRECTORY_PATH Example: java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER_NAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -world 469 -slim -single -script "debelamuha's Account Checker" -params C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\c.txt C:\\Users\\USER_NAME\\Desktop\\AccountChecker\\ NOTE: USE TWO BACKSLASHES WHEN SPECIFYING INPUT AND OUTPUT PATHS Get yours now! NOTE: Locked accounts will be treated as disabled accounts. Also, use non-member worlds.
    15. pCooker Click here to add the script! Features -Cooks nearly any food -Multiple locations -Simplistic paint -Convenient GUI -Option to stop cooking at a certain level -Stops the script when out of raw food Locations -Lumbridge (Requires completion of Cook's Assistant) -Al-Kharid -Varrock West -Varrock East Pictures GUI: Paint: Click here to add the script!
    16. Click here to add script to client! Features: Fights anything, anywhere with melee, range or magic. Can fight and switch between customizable safespots when using range or magic. Customizable fight areas Can set level goals (att, str, def) and will evenly switch between them until goals have been reached. Option to hop worlds after a certain amount of time has passed. Eats food (Optional) and gets more from nearest bank (Any area currently supported by Dreambots web walk). Loots items which you specify. (If you your inventory slots are taken up by food, bot will eat food to make room for loot). Option to loot arrows we use and re-equip them. Option to wait for loot to appear from NPC before fighting next NPC. Supports teleporting via teletabs or Spellbook. Can bury bones. Can use Potions (Set potions up in GUI, have potions(3) in bank. The bot will also mix any (1) potions left over when we go to bank with (3) potions). Can use Quick Prayers (Make sure to have your Quick Prayers setup. Will turn on before combat and turn off when we go back to bank). Supports Bones 2 Peaches (Tabs). Special attack support + if you have a 'Dragon dagger(p++)' in your inventory we will switch to that and use that for special attacks instead. Save/load profiles. Will logout at bank when out of food, arrows or runes (This will only happen if we can web walk to the bank) AntiBan (Occasionally will right click players, move camera, check stats etc..). Paint & GUI. Current supported dungeons (Places where you normally can't bank from using web walk): Full Edgeville dungeon (Must have a Brass key in your inventory). Full Varrock sewers (If you're fighting moss giants, make sure to either wield something that can slash a web or have a knife in your inventory) Half Taverley Dungeon (Door to dragons and beyond not yet supported) Lumbridge caves Fremennick Slayer Dungeon Karamja Dungeon/Tzhaar city Asgarnian Ice Dungeon Setup Instructions: Hover over each label in the GUI to find out how to set the relevant field. Important: If you experience any issues with the mouse not clicking tiles correctly or hovering over loot/NPCs, it's likely your zoom settings need resetting. To do this: Log into RS > Options > Right click the mouse zoom icon (Looks like a mouse) and choose 'Restore default zoom' Progress Reports: Ranged with safespots: Melee fighting: Bugs: Please post details of any bugs you find with as much detail as possible, screenshot of your character and the paint, screenshot of the Dreambot debug console (Tools > Debugging > Debug Console) etc.. Release Log:
    17. Overview B14's Potato Farmer is a simple script that focuses on player and ban evasion using simple functions to increase the usage of this script and reduce the possibility of your bot account being detected or flagged. Features Player evasion functionality If a player comes near your while you are farming potatoes, you will automatically evade the player by swapping worlds. This is to reduce the chance of you being reported/detected. World hopping This script will automatically hop between 50 low activity worlds when necessary World limits This bot determines how many potatoes it will pick in a single world before it swaps worlds. Combined with the DreamBot break feature, this should help the evasion of detection quite a bit. Automatic Camera Movement The script will occasionally adjust the camera to help evade automatic bot detection Auto running Once you are over 5% running energy, the bot will toggle running on to help increase the efficiency of this bot Auto banking All potatoes collected will be ran and deposited to the nearest bank Dedicated farming area Currently the bot will automatically travel to a specific potato field and will only function there. This may change in the future. Detailed paint Your screen will display the current action of the script, the rough amount of total potatoes collected, the rough amount of potatoes collected in your current world, and the maximum amount of potatoes allowed to be collected in your current world This is my first script so in the script's current state (Version 1.0) most of the functionality is bare bones. I would like to eventually advance the logic in the script to improve it's evasion techniques as well as improve it's efficiency. Released for free on the SDN Repository
    18. rubex

      Over-world Walker

      Over-world Walker Allows you to walk anywhere in the over-world using Dreambot's web-walker. Features Uses Dreambot's web-walker to walk anywhere in the over-world that is reachable Can view the web nodes and node IDs Clicking will also copy "new Tile(x, y)" to your clipboard, where x and y are the coordinates of the tile you clicked Clicking and dragging over an area will copy "new Area(x1, y1, x2, y2)" to your clipboard, where it is filled with the coordinates of the area Status: On SDN
    19. Lamba Jug Filler Im pretty new to scripting was looking for Jug filling scripts to use to make some starting money, but all of them where paid scripts so i decided to make a free one. I ran this on a account for 8hours (5 min brakes every 30min ) and did not get banned. Im pretty crap at java so there is little anti ban, all anti ban i have is a sleep function between clicks/actions. If you think i could have done something better, comment it please. Fetures: - Fills Jugs for profit. - Paint ( kinda ugly but it is what it is. ) - Good money making method for new accounts. - 1680 jugs an hour ( depends on if you have run on or off ) - 20k - 40k an hour / 480k - 1mil a day Requirements: - Jugs in your bank. - Access to GE to sell them when done. Instructions: - Start at the Varrock bank closest to the training building . ( Adding the feature where it automatically goes to starting location as im making the post ) - Start the script with nothing in your inv. [ SOURCE ] Compiled Version: https://anonfiles.com/p3M6ubpfp2/JugFiller_jar To - Do: - Make it sell jugs automatically at GE - If you don't have jugs will buy at GE - Different locations - Automatically go to spawn area. Leave a comment on things i could have done better. And if there is a free and effective anti ban source somewhere you can also link it.
    20. This is a looting script that can be used on world 308 F2P. This script loots the following items: This script really helped me get a little bit of starting cash and only crashes every once in a while. There are some bugs, but it is still useful. The script can: - (kind of) run from pkers - bank at edgeville - loot items - run from lumbridge to edgeville on death (sometimes breaks) To run this script locally, put the downloaded jar file into the following directory: C:\Users\UserName\DreamBot\Scripts Here is the .JAR file. Here is the virus total scan
    21. Hey all, I just finished making my first script! I developed it using the DB3 beta JAR. Here is the source on Github! Right now it is NOT meant for public use, but aimed at showing devs a decent, large DB3 example and getting feedback from other devs about how I can improve. It includes most things that any bot will do. I tried to follow the new DB3 best practices IE: Widgets.getClosest not getWidgets ETC... I did not use any methods that will be deprecated in DB3. That being said THIS IS NOT PERFECT. I am new to Java/Scripting and want any and all feedback! Please post a comment or open a PR/Issue on GitHub if you notice anything I did wrong, bugs, or have any suggestions. NOTE: This script is still not a 1.0 release and has some (lots of) bugs! It is also missing some features (paint), and it does some very sketchy things (Clicking through walls...). I am working on improving the utils I wrote to be more Realistic(TM) and I will be updating the repo on a regular bases. I will be pushing this to the DB script repo as a free script as soon as I am happy with it and DB3 is released. Until then, have fun looking through the code and running it from source! Read the README.md! More details about the script: I tried something kind of weird. The script extends TaskScript and using TaskNodes (standard), but I decided to use a double layered state machine. The layers are in two files: ScriptState and TaskState. The script is broken into ScriptState (each tutor), and TaskStates (each step to complete a tutor). The ScriptState keeps track of what TaskNode(tutor) should be run, and the second state machine is essentially a double linked list of jobs that need to be completed for each tutor. The actual TaskNode.execute() just runs the TaskState in each Java file. While each enum in TaskState contains its own logic that decides if it should be run, what it should do, and what task is next. This was a fun little experiment to try, and it seems to work well, At least for simple linear tasks. I am going mess around with a slight variation it in my next project. In that one the logic that tells the TaskState if it should be run will be pulled into a hash table/B-tree and the current player state will be checked vs that to decide what to do. I think Pandemic posted something along this line already. I have also started working on another git repo that contains useful snippets, DB3 vs DB2 code, and any open source DB scripts that I can find. I will be making a post about that in the next couple of days. Thank you to @holic for providing the snippet I used to generate names. See their original topic here. P.S. If you want a good laugh take a look at the GIT history and how HORRIBLE the first 3 or so iterations were. I mean it is still pretty bad, but not as bad as it used to be.
    22. - Nex Free MM Service - Trade's i do: Rs07 - Rs3 RsGp - $ Account(s) - RsGp Can probably MM other stuff on request aswell. Terms Of Service I am not responsible for any bans/scams that may happen after the trade is done I can decline a MM service at any point. By using me as MM you AUTOMATICALLY Agree with these T.O.S I am not held responsible for charge backs/recoveries. In the rare event of my account being banned during a MM, the money held is lost. Contact: Discord: https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
    23. Imp Farmer Hi! This is my first script, if you have any feedback please dont be shy :)) The purpose of this script is to train magic for low level accounts, make a little bit of money and most importantly, lower the trade restriction timer without getting banned. The script is fairly safe, I have run it for 5+ hours without breaks no ban... no guarantees tho ;p Functionality: Kills Imps @ Karamja volcano Banks bead and talisman drops Runs back to volcano to continue farming Makes about 55-100k/h, averagely 80k/h Casts Fire Strike as main attack, no other spells supported Actively looks for imps Instructions: Start locations: Deposit box at port sarim, Karamja volcano where the imps are The bot needs more than 60gp in the inventory The bot needs firestaff, air runes & mind runes It is highly recommended to only run the bot with a combat level of 29 or higher (scorpions nearby are agressive and will lower gp/h) Hit start Screenshots:
    24. I needed a bot to clean herbs. So I made one and I'm sharing it here. Feedback is encouraged. Cleans all tradeable herbs. Start in bank. Select herb to clean from UI. Stops when it runs out of herbs. Todo: Add Images to this post Paint ui to track: Total Herbs Cleaned Herbs Cleaned per hour Time running Profit per hour XP per hour Change pattern/order in which herbs are clicked.(When I manually clean herbs, I get bored and change the order I clean them in, so I thought maybe the bot could too) UI for pattern settings
    25. Latest update: 3rd of January, 2020 Features: Picks up Onions from the Lumbridge farm and turns 2 of them into Yellow dye at Aggie's. Aggie takes 5gp from each dye. F2P money making method. Profit per hour: Input 230 x Yellow dye producing costs = 1,150 gp Output 230 x Yellow dye = 67,850 gp + 66,700 gp Instructions: Have Coins in inventory. Do not set bank placeholders for items used in this method. Have Accept Aid off. Gallery: Other: Feel free to post proggies to the thread. Let me know if you encounter any problems with the script by replying this thread. If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know. ADD SCRIPT
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