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    Found 1 result

    1. Fightaholic - The scrappy AIO fightin' script Pre-release [add script] Bug Reports To submit a bug report, please: Ensure you're on the latest version first Explain your problem as clearly and concise as possible Share what settings you are using by saving your config to a file and pasting it here Description Fights shit, like anything, eats, banks, loots, buries bones, switches combat styles, etc. Very easy to setup but a complex script nonetheless. Setup Selecting your NPC(s) is required. All other options are optional. Click Refresh to auto-fill the form and get available NPCs Click Start Features Extremely simple setup: simple GUI that auto-fills the fields for you as much as possible. Combat switching: supports all combat types (ie Melee, Range and Magic) Click on-screen "Switch" to switch styles whenever Right-click on-screen "Switch" to manually choose which style to use Level targets: stops training combat style when your desired level is reached Dungeons supported: Edgeville (w/ Brass key only for now), Dwarven Mines, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Karamja Dungeon, Varrock Sewers Equipment switching: supports switching equipment when changing combat style Withdraws equipment if missing Multiple loot options: change the frequency of looting, style of looting and what to loot Ironman loot option: loot only what your NPC drops Death walking / Grave looting: handles deaths by returning, collecting your grave, re-equipping equipment and continuing Still zero deaths to date with this script but will handle it once it happens Collects and equips arrows: makes sure you don't run out of arrows, checks your bank for more if needed. Safe spotting: set your "Target area" to below 3 and the script will automatically safe-spot Agro support: set your "Target area" to below 3, it'll be treated like safe-spotting and return to that area to continue fighting. Buries bones: all bones supported, you can also specify to bury only certain bones. Eats food: what kind of fighter would this be if it didn't eat when necessary, right? Bones to Peaches: experimental but should work. If it isn't, please screen record it and share the error from your console with me. Customize bank locations: set the bank you'd like to use, or just set it to the closest and let the script handle it for you. Anti-Ban: Bunch of features to keep your accounts safe Quickstart support: Parameters: Configuration file: "config=[CONFIGURATION FILE LOCATION].ini" Target tile (where the target area will be based off of):"tile=(X,Y)" Example: java -jar C:\Users\USERNAME\DreamBot\BotData\client-3.0.0.jar -script Fightaholic -params ("config=C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\CONFIG.ini")("tile=3216,3178") More to be included in this list that are already in the script. *Temporarily disabled Script information Click "Refresh" once logged in to see NPCs and auto-fill the script. Select the NPCs you want, and their potential drops will be listed below This is the only required setting. Select the loot you want. Click "Add" to add combat level targets, these skills will be trained until the specified target is reached. If you want to set a Magic level target, you can only do that with the first level target currently (because I'm lazy atm). If you want to use different equipment, fill out and select "Use" per equipment setup Put whatever staff/runes you want to use in inventory, it'll select the first staff in your inventory. If you want to use Range, set equip arrows (which will also be picked up), have a bow in your inventory and it'll select it when necessary Arrows, bows, staves, melee weapons, shield and food should automatically be detected. Banks when inventory is full or out of food/arrows/runes Your target area will be set to the tile you are standing on when you click the "Start" button. Set it to 0/1 to safe-spot (not fully tested) All other setup options should be self-explanatory. Item Support These are items that will be automatically recognized in your settings GUI As of version 0.941 Progress Reports 27 hours 3 days all using overnight+1hr breaks Coming Soon More customization like: more dungeon support potion support maybe custom walk paths etc. so it may already be in the works! Changelog
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