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    1. It's been over for awhile but they just string you along thinking you need to change your methods, 'it's bc you don't have VIP, or a private script', when in reality those things barely matter and do nothing to stop bans. I came up with my own ideas from the get-go, implemented my own antiban, had a private script made for my method, residential IP's, reasonable hours--you name it. They'll try and blame it on something you did wrong, something you could have done better, "gotta keep trying and find what works", that's all BS and they know it. It really comes down to the fact that it's more profitable for them to sell people scripts who think they're about to run the next big botfarm than it ever will be for them to farm gold themselves, because the ban rates are so insanely high right now. Oh and once your IP is flagged it's over, you can't bot on that IP again, doesn't matter the account. This is why these forums are so dead-- most people have already figured this out a long time ago and given up. I paid almost $100 to a private scripter here from the site, Gastro, who subsequently made my script way faster than he said it would take prior to me paying (1 hour as opposed to 24), and then asked for more money to update it with a simple UI (this took him 5 mins) because it wasn't working as intended in it's current state. Script was rushed and very sloppy. I asked for one very minor thing to be changed to help speed the bot up immensely and scripter said he would add it then never responded again after that, I guess because I wasn't paying for a 3rd time to update the same script. They're friendly and helpful prior to you paying, afterwards they could care less, it's onto the next customer. Then you have people like this, who have realized even if they get one idiot to pay this price, it's covered half their rent for the month, and all they have to do is a few hours of work and a little copy pasting from previous scripts, and ta-da! Your private bot farm script is ready to go! This was one hilarious response I received when inquiring about an extremely simple script to grind superior dragon bones. He said he wasn't interested in the project if it wasn't going to include the extras (the extra $370). The only reason they contest these types of posts is to continue their business and keep you thinking you just need a newer script, a newer idea, or a better way to do what you're doing. This couldn't be further from the truth.
    2. 😄Botting Ready VPSs & Dedicated Servers😄 Want a VPS or a Dedicated Server to run your bot farm on? Well I'm here for you! HaleServer offer a wide variety of VPSs and Dedicated Servers to suite your needs. Take a look: VPSs: ( Up to 31 IPs ) OpenVZ VPSs (Low - Medium Bot # Density) https://www.haleserver.com/openvz-vps KVM VPSs https://www.haleserver.com/kvm-vps Windows VPSs https://www.haleserver.com/cheap-windows-vps Dedicated Servers: Servers are added & removed everyday, so catch 'em before someone else does! USA Servers: https://www.haleserver.com/usa-dedicated-servers ( Up to 100 IPs ) European Servers: https://www.haleserver.com/european-dedicated-servers ( Up to 31 IPs ) What will you get? 1) The server that you picked. 2) Full configuration for botting 3) DreamBot installed 4) VNC Installed ( For Desktop view of the VPS/Server ) 5) CSF Firewall Installed How to order: 1) Using the links above, find your server and click order. 2) Have "DreamBot" in the additional information textbox when ordering. Note: These server aren't flag-free, as they are running on a datacenter IP. Note: # of bots a VPS/Server can withstand also depends on the quality of the scripts and its resource usage. Note: Dedicated Servers can take up to 24 hours to be deployed, and up to 10 hours to be configured. Note: VPSs can take up to 10 hours to be configured, though deployed instantly.
    3. Will a chain ban remove accounts suspected of botting regardless of the different bot times for each if on the same ip? I want to bond an account but I don't want to jeopardize it with other bots on the same ip in f2p.
    4. Hello I am thinking about getting back to botting in osrs.I would like to know if now is there some kind of trade restriction for new accounts? I plan on doing suicide botting,like 10 hours straight ahead.Will i be aable to trade the stuff/money to my mule? Thanks!
    5. What's the best money making method (skill, etc.) for a lvl 3 member to bot?
    6. Hey dudes, someone recently told me the best way to bot or gold farm without getting a high ban rate would be to go for things that don't require skill to do. I was wondering if you guys could give me some input on some methods and different things you can do to do that. I'm new to this whole things and any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks - JoshYouUhh
    7. I was creating botting accounts on my home ip and then putting them on a single proxy to suicide. I had two that got the "we suspect this account is stolen" message and I was able to recover them no problem. However, on the third locked account they don't give me the recovery link to my email, rather it's a long appeal form asking more in-depth questions. Tried removing browsing cache to maybe get the easy form again but it's still the one that requires all the other information. Would using the proxy for the account creation fix this issue? I'm assuming creating them on my home ip and using the proxy is what got them locked
    8. Just got back to OSRS about a week ago after leaving when EoC came out. I want to get back my 2B bank & I want to see if I can do it by botting 50 accounts doing simple skilling task (woodcutting, cooking, fishing, etc.) in turn making gold out of it. My question is: How do I do this on 1 computer? I have DreamBot downloaded, and want to know how can I set it up so I can have 50 accounts running at the same time without getting banned. Of course I know about the tab feature, but I want to make sure I do everything right before fully putting everything in motion.
    9. Back in the day random events didn't feel as gimmicky as they are now, seeing as the current random events only really seem to occur in areas of high botting activity, such as the Karamja lobster dock. I notice that I frequently receive random events only during botting activity, just tonight I received two. How much does this matter? Is this the system's way of checking a suspected player of botting or is it pure coincidence. I know they have tweaked randoms for a while I just don't know how much impact this has and if it is something to worry about. Anyone have insight?
    10. NOT SELLING BOTS ANYMORE ! Stil 4 bots left, if that. All different usernames, emails and IP's. Selling them all for 150k. PM me if interested.
    11. Sometimes I think about the status of osrs when I'm botting, and how it is doing as a current game in this day and age. I realize this is ironic, because if it wasn't an actual game with some kind of fan base, none of the benefits of farming gold would be there. Thinking back to the days when I was a kid playing Runescape in 06-07, I can't imagine the amount of cash that some people probably pulled from botting amongst a game of idiot kids trying to use buckets of sand on cooking ranges. Still, with the growth of the game probably came the growth of botting, so maybe methods and botting technology grew at the same rate that the game and it's community did. But now I see the game as a specialized segment of people, such as a group who plays because they enjoyed it when they were younger, and a group who tries botting the game for profit (such as Dreambot). So if people botting the game create enough of an unstable change that causes actual players to leave, gold prices will go down, and earning a profit from those rates will be more difficult. However, if actual players enter the game and stay for the long run, causing in-game prices to flourish, botters will be able to reap the benefits of the activity occurring in the game. A good example of this is how low lobster prices have currently dropped in the game. Some of it has to do with the growth of the game, as I said in the section above; so many methods of playing that are around from the original success of the game are so widely known that everyone and their mother knows how to do it for expected gold profit. Jagex has a responsibility to make new concepts that promote game advancement and promote new players to try the game and hang onto them as loyal customers. For someone who uses the game to benefit, I try my best to bot as smart as I can to allow the game to still flourish, it's the least I can do for leeching money off it's success. Maybe that's even more unethical to try and help while I'm hurting the game, but that's for another long thread post. Tl;dr The game is a resource for us and if we bot the everliving shit out of it there may be consequences This excludes RS3 botting, I have no idea how that works or what the state of that version of the game is.
    12. Everyone of course always says to stay away from botting on F2P servers, and with that being said, does that technically make bonds the top priority for gold farms to achieve (besides $$$$)? This is excluding buying gold, I'm asking given the situation that you're starting out again after a series of bans or after a big sell.
    13. Title pretty much says it all. I've been messing around with my client settings more and seeing what works and my clients have been crashing horribly. Was trying it out at 300ish memory, is that a noob mistake causing the crashes? My laptop is no where near a powerhouse for specs, it can barely handle five clients. Any additional advice about how to keep performance as optimal as possible is also appreciated
    14. Just noticed this today making a new account. I was randomly clicking around on the character customization when all of a sudden the screen closed and I was left with the stereotypical green pants and shirt bald bot with the goatee. I logged out, made a new account, same thing. Switched to another proxy just to see for sure and same problem. I noticed a lot of other characters with the same exact build while finishing the tutorial, maybe 1 or 2 that were original. So far it doesn't seem like there's any problems with it, but I'm assuming this is some kind of indicator they added to discern players suspected of botting. Is there something that can be done about this so the game doesn't auto-flag the account? Covert mode was on btw
    15. How long do mules typically last before they're banned? I've always wondered how long the account I use is going to last out for before it gets banned, and if the increasing amount of gold held has anything to do with how much you stand out on Jagex's radar. I guess a better way to ask this is how long has your own mule personally lasted with the final cash stack before it got banned. I'm considering trading through multiple accounts but I have no idea if that actually does anything in losing any suspicion.
    16. Just wondering if Monday will be an extra day to bot on or if Jagex will be back to work that day
    17. I'm running two fishing bots from scratch right now, just finished hand-completing quests and tut island for both of them, now they're on their merry way fishing. Since it's Friday, how often should I change up their botting? I was planning on logging after an hour of fishing and leaving them offline for around 30-45 minutes, then starting them back up again. Is there much point to this on the weekend or can I go for more botting time with them? I just recently got my old bot banned that had 87 wcing...
    18. Hello, my breaks aren't working the way I want them to. I set the interval for 5 minutes for a three minute break, and for some reason it instead runs around a thirty second break every 3 minutes. Am I doing something wrong with the cycles? Why isn't it running the correct time for me?
    19. Hi, I have downloaded the new client launcher, and I also had to delete my Dreambot folder to fix the "Downloading Game Packs" freeze, now I'm back to an initial problem I had where my scripts do not actually do anything in the game. The paint comes up fine, the progress timer begins, but the character stands there lifelessly and the cursor does not spring into action. Some scripts have the task, "Waiting for GUI input" and even though the script is started, still nothing happens with it. At first I thought this was a problem with one certain script I was trying to use, but now I've realized none of my scripts work at all. Can anyone help me with this and figure out what could possibly be the issue here? I get a long error code in my Debug Console as well.
    20. I could've made the hours in the post title much larger, such as 20+, or even 100+, but from my own experience, 10+ hours is still within my query. I'm always amazed when I see people with large progress times on their scripts. I myself have probably maxed out around 6 hours continuous botting time without stopping. Anything above that and my account's have gotten banned. Granted, I am relatively new to this community, botting, etc. and I've only just started getting into the method of suiciding my bots into the ground. Also a lot of common advice I hear is not to run bots over 6 hours, but some people manage to keep their troops running for over 100. That's insane... Anyone have any good stories for this thread? Was an extended proggie you achieved from a suicider or from a higher-leveled account that wouldn't be as watched as a fresh level 3 off tut island?
    21. Hey whatsup guys! I have been gold farming for about a year now. When I look back at when I just started I can tell you that it was one hell of a journey! From feeling like a boss using my first crappy f2p script to making hundreds of dollars a month. Getting my whole farm banned to running the farm without bans for over a month (dat feeling when u have to buy new bonds because Jagex didnt catch u). When I started botting there werent really any people around showing me the tricks of the business. Ofcourse I understand that nobody is going to share any good methods, but I mean just the basics, something you can hold on to. Thats why i decided to make a guide on gold farming. I hope I can help some of you and motivate people to start a farm as well. Most people think that gold farming is just setting up some accounts, start some scripts and the money comes running in. Well I wish it was that way, it's a never ending process of trial and error, persistance and being innovative. Check out my guide at [link removed], hope I helped some of you guys out! Its currently ranked #1 on google (keyword: runescape gold farming). I have been hearing great stories about dreambot lately so ill make sure to check this client out again! If this post isnt in the right place, please remind me and I will change it ASAP. Peace ps: Any good private scripters out here that you guys can recommend?
    22. Just wondering what this does before you launch the client. Does setting the memory slider lower mean I could run more clients at once without taking up as much CPU on my laptop? Thanks.
    23. bot4real

      high alch

      just wondering what everyone alch nowdays. i have to alch 5.5k items just dont know what. is there anything i can buy for 1gp ea?
    24. Just recently I realized how big of a price gap flax is from bowstrings and decided to try out spinning. I was surprised how huge of a profit you can turn on flax and this is honestly a better money making method than some combat scripts out there. The only problem is I've gotten 3 bots banned this way right off the bat. Even if the time spent spinning is low, Jagex really seems to have a handle on this scripting method. It's a shame, because this is actually a pretty legitimate way to make gold in OSRS. Also this is for general discussion purposes only.
    25. So I was woodcutting at Willows in Draynor and had the loot setting on "Power Chop." About an hour later when I checked the bot I noticed some guy giving me shit about botting and that he had reported me. I asked him on what grounds and he replied with, "You're dropping your logs... Only bots do that." Is this a common giveaway for bots? I obviously wasn't under this impression until he told me, and apparently it was enough to raise suspicion for him to report me for botting. Not only that, he also told everyone around him at the spot to report me as well So... Is this something I should avoid? Or was this guy just being a jabroni? Even if it isn't true it still begs the question if power-chopping is even a good idea for bots, since any reason for someone to report you is a bad one and should be avoided as much as possible. I'm willing to lose some time off my proggies if it means keeping Jamflex warriors off my tail... Thanks. EDIT: Grammar DOUBLE EDIT: The title should be, "Does Power-Chopping=Higher Chance For Ban?"
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