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    Found 20 results

    1. Hi guys! First of all let me apologise if this has been posted in the wrong place, or if this is already common knowledge. I've recently been running three bots - all of them members, and all of them doing separate activities. I usually only bot for a few hours at a time, and always keep an eye on them. With security in mind, I took it a step further and started having conversations with myself. Yep, you read that right. I literally talk to myself. Not your typical homeless-drunk-lunatic-at-a-bus-shelter rambling, but just occasionally sending a PM from one of my bots to another, like "Woot, clue!" or "Ugh, getting sick of farming these drags" or "ban Emily". I would do this, occasionally, between Bot A and Bot B, but never Bot C. You see, Bot C is a loner I didn't really give a shit about. Today, while my three bots were running, Bot C was banned. The one that hadn't sent/received any mesages - the one with no friends. Could this be a coincidence? I dunno, I'm pretty high. Either way, it might be something to bear in mind. Type things every now and then. Say shit to strangers. Have conversations with yourself through your own bots, which has the added advantage of also helping with the crushing loneliness. Just my two cents. (I'm legally restricted from using the word 'advice' ever since the kindergarten fire incident) Thanks for reading, numbers
    2. It's been over for awhile but they just string you along thinking you need to change your methods, 'it's bc you don't have VIP, or a private script', when in reality those things barely matter and do nothing to stop bans. I came up with my own ideas from the get-go, implemented my own antiban, had a private script made for my method, residential IP's, reasonable hours--you name it. They'll try and blame it on something you did wrong, something you could have done better, "gotta keep trying and find what works", that's all BS and they know it. It really comes down to the fact that it's more profitable for them to sell people scripts who think they're about to run the next big botfarm than it ever will be for them to farm gold themselves, because the ban rates are so insanely high right now. Oh and once your IP is flagged it's over, you can't bot on that IP again, doesn't matter the account. This is why these forums are so dead-- most people have already figured this out a long time ago and given up. I paid almost $100 to a private scripter here from the site, Gastro, who subsequently made my script way faster than he said it would take prior to me paying (1 hour as opposed to 24), and then asked for more money to update it with a simple UI (this took him 5 mins) because it wasn't working as intended in it's current state. Script was rushed and very sloppy. I asked for one very minor thing to be changed to help speed the bot up immensely and scripter said he would add it then never responded again after that, I guess because I wasn't paying for a 3rd time to update the same script. They're friendly and helpful prior to you paying, afterwards they could care less, it's onto the next customer. Then you have people like this, who have realized even if they get one idiot to pay this price, it's covered half their rent for the month, and all they have to do is a few hours of work and a little copy pasting from previous scripts, and ta-da! Your private bot farm script is ready to go! This was one hilarious response I received when inquiring about an extremely simple script to grind superior dragon bones. He said he wasn't interested in the project if it wasn't going to include the extras (the extra $370). The only reason they contest these types of posts is to continue their business and keep you thinking you just need a newer script, a newer idea, or a better way to do what you're doing. This couldn't be further from the truth.
    3. Hello I got a one day ban after About 3days of running the AIO F2P script. is this because I disabled bedtime, exploring and exchange, and only mined for like 12 hours, or is it a problem of the script at large and I should get a better one
    4. I have woodcutting bots running on the same pc i want to play on my actual account on. my question is, will Jagex detect that they're all from the same IP address and ban them all? I obviously don't want my main getting banned. I'm not using proxies right now btw. i apologize if this is a dumb question haha
    5. Hey all, I just joined here and I really want to train a good account up to become a member eventually. I was using RuneMate before this and got banned in 4 days. Super sad as my main got hit as well, lost an account that was 14 years old had stats in the '80s and had about 60M. So now i'm switching over to dreambot, just wondering if my goal is reasonable or will i eventually get banned?
    6. Hey guys, am I at any risk of ban if I allow my bot to powermine ore, and manually pick up with another account(my main) what it drops and bank the ore?
    7. Hey! I have a quick question, i have been banned on multiple RS account made by 10 minute mails and one of those made it pretty far using the Blast Furnance #1 Script with 95 Smithing and finaly they got him. But only 1 day ban. My question now is, how careful do i have to be and for how long? I kinda want to get that Account 99 Smithing and have it continue afterwards aswell. My Bot shedule: 2 Bots at most at the same time, from 2-7 Hours (17min + 44min breaks) and Convert Mode on. And i start them daily manualy and have them off for 5-10 hours~ each day
    8. Logged into my account that I have recently been botting on for around 4 days on and off (1-3hrs per day, different skills), I logged in just fine, went to start my script and BAM instantly logged and account has been banned. I don't know if this means client detection or what, but I didn't log in at all today until 10pm. Not sure if I should continue after ban or just train the account legit, thoughts?
    9. So i just got perm-banned on Sunday, probably around 16.00 British time. Yes i had it botting for 24 hours or something like that, yes the account was lvl 3, yes the account didn't have any quests done and yes i still had breaks on. (I had another lvl 3 bot doing the same thing for 48h, but that one didn't get banned) The ban isn't a big deal, lost around 500k with it or so. But from when did jagex start banning on the weekends? Also the latest script that the account used was a script that i have made and that has no other users exept me (although it's a pretty shit script). What could've caused the ban, since i'd like to keep my weekends ban-free.
    10. So I am really new to this, this is what I did and how I got banned, any help is appreciated. It's for old rs. I started researching, coding and testing in game around 8pm, script was a working prototype around midnight, until 6am I was tweaking it so bot paused for like 30 min then ran for 30-60 min. Then I left it run 4 hours and went to sleep from 6am to 10am with no pauses, constant cicle, it would bug out sometimes when trying to find a portal so there is a up to 2 min break there while he tries to find a portal. I set my pc to turn off so I got no logs and I recieved a ban message at 9am. Any ideas? I was thinking this could be the problem, because it happens ~20 times per run, same point on the map clicked over and over again as soon as the mushrooms are picked up getWalking().walk(logArea.getCenter()); Any code and logic critique is welcome as well. code removed
    11. Hey guys, So I know and have experienced that if you get caught botting on F2P you get an immediate perma-ban. I was reading some forum posts from around 2014 that said member accounts that looked like someones main caught botting usually just get 2-day bans and stat rollbacks instead of getting perma-banned. I could not find any posts about this topic from a more recent date. What are your experiences on members account that had active subscriptions? I already can tell from botting my members account that the ban rates are waaay lower but I want to know what happens IF I do get banned. TY
    12. So one day there was a guy called nikazi he needed to script because his village got killed some big ass ogre(kim jung un). One day kim jung un came with his Nazi overpowered infinite loop script everyone in the village was killed by it nobody couldnt load IfishKiddoI anymore, because there cpu's just started frying so now all they gold farms were dead bc of this script, but the only surving this script was Nikazi he wanted to write a script to destroy the ogre after all the gold farmers took there gold and bought amd threadrippers they ran 9000bots in total and goldfarmed whole the world but one day kim jung un cameback with his scirpt called IdoughmakerI it sounded good "Gives you 900ghz more and 1600threads + 90iq" everyone ran the script and all there cpu's fried once again because of this infinite loop everyone cried "i cant gold farm anymore please help nivea senpai". on the last battlefield only nikazi survived it with his intel i5 6200u(2cores,2threads+multithreading) he wrote a script that would kill the ogre the ogre, but the ogre was to strunk and killed him with one attack(grandor vs lvl 3) he died with his intel i5 6200u everyone was desperate until someone called this code: sleepUntil(new Condition() { public boolean verify() { return god.niveasenpai.getTile().varrock; so nivea senpai had to solve the problem he came down from another place and banned the ogre out of the world now he is silent waiting for his new victim. TL;DR http://imgur.com/ufC7XZi //infinite loop was to OP until someone destroyed the grador
    13. I need a free miner because i dont have dollars I have used Dreambot miner/Like 24 hours to ban Xak's VEast Miner/ the same
    14. Are your accounts getting banned too quickly? Or are you just looking for tips to prevent bans? Here are some tips for you. Disclaimer: All these tips are gained from our botting experience and from tips from various guides on other botting sites. Botting immediately after tutorial island Tutorial island Botting immediately after tutorial island hugely increases your chances of getting banned immediately. We suggest that you play on the account legitimately for a few minutes to a few hours before running a script to make Jagex’s ban detection software think that you’re a legitimate player and to decrease suspicion. Botting tutorial island “Most bots don’t get off tutorial island.” – Mod Mat K If you want your accounts to last longer, do tutorial island legitimately. Botting tutorial island gets your account into Jagex’s watchlist just a few moments after you run your script. Tutorial island only takes only a bit more than 5 minutes so this shouldn’t be a problem. Botting on bot-infested areas Don’t bot on places or methods whereas there are alot of botters. A good example for this is the blast furnace. Yes, the cash there is good, but there are too much bots in that location, which is most likely targeted by Jagex already. We suggest that you be creative and think of your own moneymaking method. Breaks Legitimate players don’t play for dozens of hours without taking breaks (except if you’re Mr. Nosleep). Use the break handler features on most available botting clients. The break time patterns are up to you to decide. Proxy Usage We can’t stress this enough. Unless you want all your bots to get wiped on one go or unless you want your legitimate accounts to get involved in ban/RWT detection, USE PRIVATE PROXIES. The last thing you want is to be traced by Jagex. They help a lot. Fortunately for you, we have that topic covered. > Our Proxies list Free Scripts? Yes. Free scripts can work, but using free scripts can get you banned alot faster compared to using a premium script or private script, simply due to free scripts having alot more bots using the exact same patterns that the script uses. Purchasing premium scripts or private scripts can help your bots get banned noticeably longer. Bot using P2P accounts Yes, a bond might cost quite a bit. But in our experience, we think that botting using P2P accounts is a lot more worth it since we think P2P accounts last alot longer than F2P accounts in terms of ban detection. Well, unless you're suicide botting. Switch things up You are more likely to get banned if you bot one method straight. We suggest that you mix up your methods instead of botting one method for hours on end. Why? Simply because most legitimate players don’t mine iron ores for 15 hours straight. (e.g. Woodcut for 2 hours, then mine for an hour, etc etc.) Also, switching methods may help your bots dodge Jagex’s bot detection due to your patterns being changed up. Take breaks Once again, legitimate players don’t usually play 24/7. Takes random days off. Go on days where you just play and do a quest or two or just chat with people on Edgeville. Personally, I take breaks only for like once or twice a week. Just to avoid suspicion. Random usernames & player outfit Your display name probably wouldn’t affect the way the anti-bot system detects bots, but you are more likely to get reported when you use usernames like “Dragon632653” or “Monkey263263”. While you’re at it, we at BottingTips think that you’re also more likely to get reported when you have the default “Bob” player skin/outfit.
    15. Walking My script calls getWalking().walk(...) to run to the bank when my inventory is full. Each time my player goes to the bank, it looks like the same path is taken, with little or no variation. Wouldn't it be very easy for antiban to spot this, since there is little variation in the route? Mouse Data Similarly human mouse movement is very different than scripted mouse movement. If you watch your own mouse while you game, you'll see a lot of movement (finding your target, hovering, changing tabs, miss clicks, etc). Yet in a script, the mouse is very precise and stationary between actions. Again, wouldn't this be very easy to spot? Why Do I Ask? Because I got banned within a week, of doing very low key botting. - New account, F2P - Did several legit quests - Botted 1-3 hrs per day with breaks - Feathers, Ashes, Cowhides, and a small amount of Mining - Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock So I am wondering what set the ban off. Walking seems to be the most obvious culprit, and I am questioning if I need to use custom LocalPaths with some randomization instead of walk(). Or is there something else that you would suggest to avoid bans?
    16. Hi guys, i want know if Osbuddy client 3.0 its ban risk?
    17. I would like to mine gold from the crafting guild using my main account, and I'm going to do it legit on the official RS client. However, I don't want to run back and fourth to the bank since it's such a far distance and I'm currently f2p so no teles. Instead I thought of creating a bot account to run my gold for me and then simply trade it back after I'm done. If I did this would there be high risk of flamjam detecting it and banning my main?
    18. Hello So im trying to bot untill i get my attack level to 50 and def. I heard alot that if i bot on tutorial island i will get insta banned. Was just woundering what is the chance that im going to get banned. I have done 5 quests in the game aswell. Here are some pictures.
    19. so all of my accounts are getting banned quite often. Starting to think my ip is flagged. Gonna try n call my internet provider for a new ip address tomorrow. If that doesnt work.... who can fill me in with some knowledge on the whole proxy thing. ive used proxy websites to play games at school. but i feel like that's hella different... someone fill me with the knowledge please. whoever can help me out with a proxy/ new ip ill pay depending on the circumstances. sound good? covert modes being used... my acc had 38 quest points hella random stats. didnt bot long at all. 6 hrs a day? i was a member... had a few accs in the past month get banned for botting, i got a moderate ban this time. wanna keep this acc alive.
    20. Hey all, My account got a 2 day ban that expired today. I was stupid and used OSBot for like 2 hours while Dreambot wasn't functioning... Any1 else get hit by this? As the worlds seem awfully empty, and all the usual NMZ host bots are gone.
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